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Change handle bar

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Rolski, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. Would love to put this cool looking handlebar on my cb500f, is it possible, and would the mechanic charge me a fortune?, I assume all the respective cables would have to be changed?


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  2. If the bars are the correct size for your clamps there's no reason they won't fit. You'll need cable extenders for clutch, throttle and brake lines.
    Do it yourself or pay the spannerist for 1-2 hours labour.
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  3. Thanks Womble, if it's only 2 hrs of labour I might get a mechanic to do it, I should give it a go, but every time I put a tool In my hand, something seems to go wrong
  4. Aren't they cruiser bars?
  5. I suppose, bar not very wide,...not good for my sort of bike??, don't know much about bikes mate, luv riding em:)
  6. Is it for comfort or looks that you're doing it for. IMO bars like that will look rather strange on your bike.
  7. Think both, I tend to reach a bit for the handle bars, but think ya right it might look a bit weird, thus endeth the putting on cruise handle bars on a road bike theory :)
  8. You can get heli-bars which are adjustable to bring the bars higher and back toward you a bit, whilst retaining a semi-factory look. It may not require new clutch and throttle cables either, depending on how much slack they have.
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  9. I'll have a look into that , thanks