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Change from driving on the left hand side to the right hand side?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. A recent article suggests we use the end of our local car manufacture to change our road orientation from left to right..
    Being a 'central' device I can't see how this would adversely effect motorcycles, but old geysers like me would need some serious mental reorganisation!!!!
    Your thoughts????

  2. Is nothing sacred? Disagree totally...why should we have to change for those from overseas, visiting or otherwise? Why do we have to become sheep and do as other countries? My thoughts which you asked for :depressed:
  3. Lol you never leave me wondering lol
    I'm not saying I agree or disagree, I just posted it for discussion, you're doing exactly that, Netrider works!!!!!!
  4. lol....well what are your thoughts? And where do these people get their ideas from? Can you imagine the carnage on the road .....:arghh:
  5. The map below shows how much of the planet drives on the right (green), versus the left (orange).

    Generally speaking if you drive on the right, you sit on the left and if you drive on the left you sit on the right.

    A change for us would mean that yes we could get left hand drive cars but what about all of the right handed vehicles we currently have. The cost in changing would be quite significant as not only would you be changing cars, but you would also need to update the infrastructure as well like street signs, traffic lights etc

    Not something that could be done "over a long weekend".

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  6. Yes... lets do what Sweden, a country the fraction of the size of Australia and with half the population did ~45 years ago... and all over one long weekend

    John Gava wear your badge as Australia's biggest fcukwit with pride.
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  7. Socialists would have some adjusting to do to.....
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  8. It's one whopper of a change with no tangible benefits. The other hand thing that gets me about the article is the tie in with the closure of the Aussie car manufacturing, why would that event trigger a change sides? Maybe a change before the industry shut down may have been useful?
  9. Great idea, let's use the Irish approach. We'll make it a slowly-slowly approach to ease everyone into it. So, trucks and motorbikes will start driving on the right on the 1st, and we'll follow with passenger vehicles starting on the 14th...:wtf:
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  10. Imagine the Macca's drive through! We'd need extra long arms or we'd have to reverse through :LOL:
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  11. Let's do it. It would be another reminder for the English that they are no longer our lords and masters.
  12. Yeah I'm not sure the politician thought this through.. so many things are built based on our driving practices.
  13. Well we'd all start waving instead of nodding.

    Preserve the nod!
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  14. Just think of the work it would create, the road markings and signage would all need redoing.
    Would not be a cheap.
  15. What if bikers went for a high five instead of a wave or nod.
    Sudden influx at the hospitals for riders with dislocated shoulders and broken arms.
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  16. sounds like summer work experience kids are editing the paper :D
  17. If the cricket has taught us on thing, you don't throw high 5's willy nilly.. someones bound to get poked in the eye!
  18. and confirmation to the Americans that THEY are out lords and masters. No thanks! At least we've got the poms trained to think we only care about beating them at sports.

    There would be fatalities of the likes we have never seen on our roads in the weeks and months after such a change. Millions of drivers who've been on the roads for decades waking up one morning and driving off in their old cars, forgetting about the change and slamming straight into oncoming traffic.
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  19. Think of the opportunities it would make:

    Because of the difference all car licenses are to be revoked overnight. Everyone must resit their license test - a test that is far more involved than currently to ensure that all road users really know what they are doing and are safe. Take a page out of Germeny or Sweden's license tests. Use it as an opportunity to get all the bad drivers off the road.

    Oh - and it would reduce road toll, because it would take ages to get drivers retested.

    Since motorbikes are ambidextrous they're not required for retesting - so only motorbikes would be on the roads for a while. :LOL:

    The work required to change signs, etc would lower the unemployment rate substantially. Instant economy fix! :whistle:

    Because Maccas and KFC drive through's would no longer work - it would help reduce the obesity problem - improving the nations health too...

    So many reasons to do it!

    The above post is tongue in cheek - just incase someone actually takes it seriously.
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  20. Has to be one of the most ludicrous proposals I have seen for a long time. The cost would be astronomical as it would mean changing freeway entrances and exits, modifying traffic lights and their sensors, signs, etc. Not to mention all of those drive throughs which would also have to be changed, and the potential carnage on the roads during the changeover period. All of this so that we can drive left hand drive cars. I don't think the proposer has put a lot of thought into this.