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Change bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jedijac, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Recently I've been contemplating selling my Suzuki GS500 and buying a Kawasaki Ninja 250.
    Reading through forums, it seems the Ninja is just as quick as my GS.
    I bought my GS brand new, and looking back now, I should have saved some coin and bought a second hand bike first...:(.
    If I sell my GS, I can buy a 2nd hand Ninja and have some change.

  2. Buy an R1
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  3. Don't.

  4. Well the market is pretty good for 250's right now with the 300's out now. The GS500 is more powerful than the 250 though.
  5. Seems like a backwards step.

    I don't think you would 'save' much aftet changeover.

    Test ride a few and make sure you won't regret it.
  6. Sell it, new (to you) bikes are more fun.
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  7. I would say that if you are going to have multiple LAMS bikes, man, you are gonna own A LOT of bikes in your life dude. Every time you change you are going to take a hit.

    I'd also say that there is more to a bike's power than the speed it's capable of reaching. They might both do 150km/h, but you are going to notice other differences when you are trying to maintain/accelerate from 110kn/h, or climbing a hill, or pillioning your big, fat girlfriend.

    There's another thread around which asks for riders' choice of bike if they could only own one. A few nominate the GS500F. I don't think anyone went for a Ninja 250
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  8. The 250 is 50kgs lighter, why would people not pick that? People are too obsessed with cubes.
  9. If you're looking for a fun LAMS bike, try test riding a 125 stroker (Cagiva Mito or Aprilia RS125). Much more fun than a GPX, sorry, Ninja ;)
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  10. Twice the torque.
  11. thats like dating scarlett johannsen and then dumping her for magda subanski.

    pretty stupid

    get a better bike, not a piece of shit
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  12. [A gs500 is not scarlett johannsen.

    . Yes, but torque wont get you round a corner, riding is about corners.
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  13. well no .. maybe some chick from home and away or neighbors.

    i was thinking of the BMW GS
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  14. ??
  15. when you buy new, you may as well keep the bike for a long time.

    (buying or selling) a nearly new bike and an old banger will cost about the same, so keep it for a while and get some miles on it and learn to ride it before you sell.
    (unless you can trade or get a good deal)

    also you know everything about your 500, every scratch, a new-to-you bike could have anything wrong with it.

    are there any cheap power mods you can do?
  16. Thanks to replies so far. Has anyone test rode both to give accurate advice?
  17. I owned the zzr250 which is basically the same bike as the ninja. I have ridden friends gs500.

    One is not significantly better than the other, they are both pretty shit. Both suspension is to soft, though I think that the gs handles worse as it is just so much heavier. The gs500 would be better to ride around australia, but the 250 was fine for me at 6'1" for 600km days. The 250 is lighterin traffic. The 250 is cheaper to run but the 500 lasts longer.

    To say one is scalett and one is magda is false because they are both a bit rubbish, just in different ways.

    Go try it out for yourself but, i am a big fan of owning lots of different bikes, you will soon realise that most bikes are a compromise and the extremes that people say to say one bike is always better is just dumb. One bike is just better in a certain circumstance.
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  18. Why?
  19. I used to have a Ninja 250 my biggest problem with it was the wind, because it is light and has fairing, used to get blown all over the place, don't have that problem on my suzuki.
  20. I loved that little Ninja (while on loan! :) )