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Chanel 10 report - Forum scanning

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sir Skuffy, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. This came from the hangmore site....

    Just saw a story on Channel ten.
    A driver of an unroadworthy vehicle/?licence infringement boasted about illegal behaviour/speeding on YouTube and internet forum of his car club.
    What a doofus.
    Police looking through internet forum gathered evidence against driver for using vehicle illegally and obtained a conviction against the driver in court today.
    Just a reminder. This is a public forum and anyone can be 'watching'.

  2. And this is why i removed my videos from youtube! Only left the ones that were done on private roads there.
  3. Oooops, sorry.
  4. There is always someone watching...

  5. i have had the same feeling... :shock:
  6. It's ok, if you hadn't made the thread, The Predecessor might not have posted that cracker of a pic :LOL:
  7. And I might not have right clicked it and made it my desktop.

    THanks to Skuff, The Predecessor, and Ktulu (well he didn't do anything, but I'll thank him anyway...)
  8. Yoo'r welcum m8!


    /teh randomz!
  9. Hahah, its a good wallpaper :wink:

    If you want to check out any more of that guys 'art' you can check him out at http://www.banksy.co.uk/shop/
    Just go through the tabs on the left :)
  10. Dear pigs,
    I ride a black FZR with only three indicators. I do illegal stuff all the time like speeding and falling off. You are all to soft to come and get me because I ride like teh wind and have better skillz than even youur beast cop car driver.
    I also make crystal meth in my bathtub and run an illegal kitten racket.

    Illegally urs, Chris.
  11. HaHA! So if I take another indicator off I won't match da ^description.
    See, I learnt from a very early age what I can and can't get away with.

    Same as Micky did...
  12. Just to make it clear - I have never, nor would I ever speed. Nor would I lanesplit or ride on footpaths to avoid traffic. Any such comments made in the past/future should be discounted as light humour.


    Even so, surely the confession of crime on a forum can not be enough evidence to convict. Eg. If someone said they claimed to speed by 100km/h last week, police can't do crap, unless they wait for you to come past wherever you were :LOL:
  13. Wonder how the police managed to tie the actual words on the forum as actually coming from the hands, and mind, of the individual in question.

    Technically, unless they're actually watching him type those exact words in, as well as physically establishing the truth of what he's saying, it could've just been a friend at his house playing a practical joke, or it could've been someone else logged into his account, also playing a practical joke, and so on. Heck, could even be an IP spoof attack.

    I mean, really, every single thing that you read online operates on the assumption, not actual fact, that the person who is typing those words is who you think they are. In reality, unless you physically watched them type those words, it could be anyone.

    What this guy did was stupid, but what was truly stupid was actually admitting that it was he who typed those words.
  14. The guy in question has himself posted on the forum in question that the forum posts were more of a "finishing touch" on the police investigation in regards to this issue.

    That is, they had other info first in relation to the matter..
  15. well the other night i was doing 450 along paramatta road and.....
  16. Yeh I did a mono and burnout at the same time, whilst going 7000 in a school zone! :grin:
  17. That's quite impressive :grin:
  18. G'day everyone,.....

    Well I did 7001,....

    Dr Who?