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Chandler HWY - Kew Boulevard

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by FastR1Red, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. About 2 weeks ago I went for a spin on the Kew Boulevarde after a session in the spurs.
    Just before I turned into the boulevard there's a yellow raised plastic thingy separating the road from the bike lane. I just clipped the seperater, it was only then I realised it was raised so high. Unsettled the bike quite a bit but I was thinking any learner riders that hit it would probably come off. You'd hit it at about 60degree angle, so very easy to buck you off.

    Was up there again 2 days ago and it's gone. The whole line from the freeway intersection to the boulevard has been removed.
    Has anyone else seen it or heard of councils doing that? I guess it's to keep cars out of the bike lane but gees, hit it on your scoot and it's all over.
  2. Don't hit big yellow raised plastic things then. :p
  3. Wondered the same in NSW and QLD, with those plastic bollards in the middle of the freaking road! Anyone had any near misses or offs because of those?... they don't look that crash friendly for a sliding rider...
  4. It was mentioned at VMAC some time back that this was happening as a trial and we raised an objection - for the reasons that you said.

    Glad to hear it's gone - I only hope it means it's gone permanently.
  5. Ahhh good, i noticed those there a while back and thought they were a bit odd and wouldn't be fun if you needed to cross it on a bike.
  6. A friend clipped the yellow plastic divider on his pushbike and went down hard. His pushbike cost more than my motorbike. :shock:
  7. Yeah mate, got stuck in traffic while they were installing it and again when they removed it.

    Didnt last long at all!!
  8. I did see that and wondered what it was...