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Champs Broadford Track Day 12th of May 2007

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by G, May 2, 2007.

  1. I'm giving this serious consideration as I would like to even out the tyre wear post PI. :grin:

    Ooo, I just got a SMS of a deal with Champs book 2: 12th May and 17th of June for $220 instead of $270. The $110 rate is usually for when a group of 5 or more book.

    I have been invited into the group with D Fundamentalists.
  2. I would too but I have to save up for some leathers.....
  3. Well worth saving for nightgash. Although, AFAIK Champs do bring leathers to rent.
  4. Yep, they hire out Joe Rocket one piece leathers.
  5. I'm booked in. :grin:
  6. G, you are the man. I'd forgotten about this. Now booked in. The T is ready to rumble!
  7. :cool:

    There'll prolly be a few of us including some of the MV boys and they may set aside some garage space.
  8. Saving for track bike :(

    end of the month hopefully (fingers crossed) :)
  9. I'm still going to be running warmers, so I'll need some garage space. Best get there nice and early then! What time will you be in attendance?
  10. I'll most likely be travelling with Brethren and will find out at the Temple tomorrow. But, from vague recollection, I think it was 8ish. Will let you know. :grin:
  11. This temple is home to a strange cult.

    Some say they pray over a cup of titanium bolts and jiggle it around to pay homage to the God of Dry Clutches, others that the run around with expensive carbon cloth and make baying noises to the Lord of Termignoni. It's been rumoured by some that if you play the sound of a 999 backwards it bellows the name of the Dark One. All I know is that they have wallets made of the same material that adorned the Tardis.
  12. It never ceases to amaze me :!:

    And they are everywhere...
  13. Looks like I'll be leaving the 'hood around 630-700.
  14. Aye Carumba.

    What a sensational day! approx 20 degrees for the most part and plenty of grip.

    cejay was boogying on big time and it was great to see friendly NR faces appear at the track this arvo. I was consolidating my level 4 CSBS stuff. Found loads of new reference points around the track.

    May have to switch off track day mode during the next few cooler months, but look forward to later in the year. :grin:
  15. Well, twas a day of fun and merriment.

    Turned up before Sparrows. Beauty of living out in the far east is the back roads to Broadford are fun and quick, even in the fog.

    Bike off the trailer, scrutineered and checked in before 8am. Kick tyres for an hour and catch up with Brother G and his fellow cult followers. Seems they relocated the temple for a short period. That's the thing with cults, you can change the rules as you go.

    Whilst sitting down contemplating the wonderful day ahead, another rider came up and said hello. Ever had those moments when you go "I know you, but I don't know why? And how on Earth do you know my name?". Some people are just better with names than me. Turns out a guy I shared a pit garage with on a PI Ride Day in March was 1 bike to my left. It's a small World, so next time you go cutting someone up and giving them the finger think where you might meet them next! I also met a rider from an Aprilia site. People at ride days are just so friendly.

    I was in the intermediate group. The Aprilia has never been on the track before, so I wanted to see how I went.

    To cut 8hrs into a few minutes, the sessions went really well. The bike and I settled into 1:11 and 12's, with the odd 1:10. The Broadford lap record is around 58s and even Superlights (150cc 4 strokes) can do less than 1:10 so it's not exactly going to set the World on fire, but it was fun. The biggest problem I had was following other riders. Litre class I4's who nail the straights and then park mid corner. My overtakes were then limited to Tony Elias style moves on the inside of corners or relying on getting great drives out of others. I met a few people who were wildly inconsistent, but generally there were no problems. Following some riders I'd settle into their lap times, steady 1:13's and 1:14's and once I'd gone past go straight into 11's.

    Everyone seemed to be having a ball, except for the guy who hit another rider after the flag in the slow group. He was fine other than concussion and a suspect elbow (even the bike was ok apparently), but the head injury meant there was over an hour whilst the Rural Ambulance Service dealt with another serious accident in the MV complex before they could transition our guy into their ambulance.

    Thanks to Champions for organising another great day.