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Champix, Anti smoking wonder drug

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Envy-t, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. As a Chrissy gift to myself and my kids and wife, I decided to give up smoking.

    For the past 3 years I have lived by the mantra "I have given up giving up!" For me and so many others, it was impossible for me to cold turkey it. I have tried many times with the only successful outcome being, ME in an ultra sh1tty mood all the time.

    My friendly butcher who I see everyday suddenly had a smile on his face all the time. I asked him why and he said I am giving up the smokes. WTF?? How does that make you smile and then he told me. I saw the doc that afternoon and had a script in my hand to start.

    I have searched the web and the side effects vary but the major ones seem to affect very few. In the USofA they think they can attribute 999 suicides to people taking the drug. Considering over a million were on it, it's a small small percentage.

    My experience left me thinking that if you were predisposed to suicide or are an EMO then you may try to top yourself or cut a little deeper. In the first 7-9 days on the drug, I was ropeable. I was afraid to drive as a sideways glance by someone had me baying for their blood!
    You keep smoking for the first 10-14 days of taking the drug so your body builds it's levels up then you stop cold turkey. After 2 days on the drug I found myself stopping halfway on my walk outside for a smoke and just not feeling like one. The pleasure I once got from smoking was all but gone. I didn't feel like it when I got up in the morning, and I didn't feel like it after a meal like I once had. Food tastes so much better, I don't smell like an ashtray and my kids will get an extra 20 years out of me if I don't die being hit by a bus.

  2. Good stuff dude.

    I just quit with champix too. After i started taking it, i was pretty much off them altogether by about the 8th day, with only a drag or two here and there.

    Been about 2 months now and still havent had one. Stopped taking the tablets when the first script ran out and still dont feel like smoking. This shit works for anyone who wants to quit!

    I occassionally get the urge to have a smoke now, but the urge passes after about a minute. Usually only when im drinking though.
  3. A Mate at work used them about 6 mths ago gave up easily but suffered severe nausea, a script for maxalon fixed that & he hasn't looked back!
  4. You realise, of course, that you are endangering a multi-billion dollar branch of medical science, (cancer treatment) and putting at risk those expensive advertising campaigns, don't you :LOL:???

    Congrats, folks, as a never-tried-it non-smoker, but having had to counsel many caught by the weed, it's good to know that some form of treatment is available, and seems to work so well.....
  5. Congratulations mate! I've given up for nearly 2 years now and haven't looked back. 40 Stuyvies a day since I was 16 :shock: but I can honestly say I feel so much better for it. Being able to take a decent lungful of air also makes training slightly easier ;)

    Once you pass that first year mark you'll feel really proud of yourself too!

    Well Done! :cool:
  6. I really am surprised at how easy it has been with these tablets. 3rd day and I have not encountered a situation where I think longingly about it. The smell is already repulsive. And my clothes don't smell anymore.
  7. I'll keep that name in mind the next time I'm doing with being quit :(

    the scariest thing someone told me from a hospital bed as he lay there with tongue cancer at 37 was:
    "once a smoker, always a smoker, you just take breaks."

    since that didn't do the trick, i'm willing to try anything!

    do you need to go to a specialist or can a GP prescribe?
  8. Just your GP.
    And think positive. Someone said to me today, " You are not giving it up, you are quitting"

    My dad gave up almost 25 years ago, cold turkey. From a 2 pack of dunhill red internationals a day to nothing. And has not smoked since.
  9. How did you guys start smoking anyway?

    A friend offered me a cigarette years and years ago.
    I tried it, and it tasted like shit.
    He offered me another one, and I said "F*** off. They taste like shit."
    That's pretty much been my attitude towards them, ever since.
  10. Stupidity for mine! Started when I was 11 years old.
  11. to chase away the taste of cheap whiskey when i was 15 :p
  12. LMAO!!

    I actually, secretly blame my parents. They smoked, mum still does, and she used to smoke around us when we were kids, eg in the car! One of my sisters who is eleven months younger than me, smokes, and the other, seven years younger doesn't and she was not smoked around. I think I may have been hooked on nicotine before I even knew it. Bit like those smack babies that are hooked on smack cos mummy couldn't help but inject herself with the crap.
  13. I am seriously amazed at how easy this is with Champix and the want, to do it. 4th day, I am nicotine free and the sweats have stopped. Now in 5 years my lungs will be repaired.
  14. good effort mate, i was thinking of hypnosis treatment, had a few friends do it and they say its like they have never smoked in their lives
  15. I tried the hypnotherapy but with no luck. The hypnotist was crapping on about the colour of my gums. "Healthy gums are pink.....smokers gums are brown...if i wanna quit smoking, I have to think pink"......

    I was thinking pink alright!! Different kinda pink tho..... I basically spent about an hour with the guy, pretending i was hypnotised, trying not to laugh at him telling me to "think pink". lol I paid him $100, left and went straight to the servo and bough a fresh pack....

    I actually went out on a bit of a bender last night and thought Id give the smoking thing a crack again. To see if i could handle the taste again and basically a way to start a conversation with a hottie sitting next to me having a smoke. She saved me the last drag of her smoke and I smoked it.......farking horrible. I mean, the smell of her smoking it made me wanna try again, but that one drag was more than enough! Next two pints were dedicated to trying to get the taste out of my mouth!! (next 5 pints were dedicated to consoling myself after bombing out with the hottie i and realising I was going home alone...lol)

    Oh, this is after about a month on the champix. Not even, i havent had them regularly for the last week. Just one here and there when I remember. So yeah, they work. As far as nausea associated with them, some people get it and some people dont. I only found i got REALLY sick if i took the tablet and had a smoke within about 5 minutes. The first time i did that on the way to work, I had to urgently stop at maccas and promptly exploded from both ends in their toilet. Too much info i know.
  16. Don't know if they are still around but I used "Zyban".
    Sounds very similar.
    Went from 30-40 a day to nil in about 3 or so weeks from memory.
    Haven't even looked at one since. 2+ years and counting!
  17. Tried the zyban and a side effect of that tab is migrains. I get them without the tabs, but anything was better than smoking I thought. 2nd day on them I was hospitilised for a severe migraine. Threw the rest out.

    I still have not smoked since xmas day and was quite drunk lastnight and sat outside amongst smokers and didn't even feel like one!! I think I might be able to call myself an ex-smoker now!
  18. I actually do some work for Pfizer from time to time and most recently I have been editing footage we have taken of some Champix users and their stories are quite incredible.
    The side effects I heard of most commonly were nausea (for 5-10 mins after taking a pill) and vivid dreams, some bad and some good.
    I think Champix will revolutionise quitting smoking. The results have just been incredible. Congratulations on anyone here who has managed to quit. I'm not a smoker, I can't stand cigarette smoke but I appreciate that it's really hard to quit so I really give credit to anyone that's managed it.
  19. i cant stand it. my dad used to smoke tobacco, and on occasion cigars. he passed away 9 years ago from cancer, which started in his osophagus. sounds a good enough link to me. then both my half brother and half sister smoke. i remember as a kid she'd drive us places, smoking in the car. it stank.

    there was a milo tin on our decking, for all the butts and ash n stuff. i remember opening that sometimes. it smelt terrible. concentrated ciggie smell.

    we used to steal decks off my friend's sister up the road. he hated his sister smoking. so we'd steal her deck when she wasnt looking, and put it down the drain in the street :LOL:

    i remember convincing a girl in year 8 to stop smoking, when i pointed out how much it cost her. $xx a ciggy, coz she cant buy her own deck, across a whole year, came to $1000 or something. fark that.

    i remember when i started working at a nightclub, before the smoking bans. i would walk in, and all you could smell was smoke to begin with. you'd get used to it after a while, but when you got home in the morning you stank. or you wake up after sleeping, and your clothes reeked of smoke. im much happier with the smell of BO in the clubs now :LOL: people use deodorant/perfume/cologne, and the clubs use dry ice/smoke machines. i still hate people who light up in the toilets etc.

    i remember riding to tafe last year, when a tradey flicked his lit butt out the window, as i was cycling behind him. i copped that in the face. he was lucky i didnt catch up, i had a full water bottle to put him out :LOL: he got a fine from the EPA though, wanker.

    and there is one thing i cannot stand the most. cigarette breath.
    you notice a pretty girl, have a bit of a geeze, then suddenly she's lighting up. i cannot think of a better turnoff. i remember being fairly drunk at the club a few years back, dancing with a girl. we started kissing, then i pulled away. "you taste like shit" :LOL: quickly scull my drink and spit half of it out to wash out my mouth lol.

    i've asked alot of friends, why do they smoke. a few actually enjoy it. they like the taste, the social involvement, it helps calm them. go nuts then, its their choice. others, many others, say "i dont know, actually", or "i dont really like the taste". how can you be so stupid as to do something you dont like?? i just dont get it.

    i for one detest cigarettes, and congratulate anyone that can quit, and quit for good. even better, just avoid them completely to begin with, i know i will.
  20. I quit cold turkey about 1 year ago.
    I realised that the habit was only hurting me and has no benefits whatsoever. I can definately feel the difference when I breathe.