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champions track days & insurance with shannons

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by dukeman, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. G'day

    just read my policy disclousure form from shannons insurance and came across this listing under 'what IS covered'

    "If this benefit is shown in your schedule, we will pay for loss or
    damage to your vehicle if at the time of loss or damage you are
    driving/riding or using your vehicle:
    • in any race, pacemaking, reliability trial, speed or hill climbing
    test but only if such an event is an event licensed by the
    Confederation of Australian Motor Sport or other body as
    approved by us in writing;
    • on a racetrack or testing ground or land immediately
    adjacent to a racetrack or testing ground if such
    driving/riding or use is carried out under licence from the
    Confederation of Australian Motor Sport or other body as
    approved by us in writing."

    Does anyone know if Champions Track days fall under CAMS?

  2. Don't think so.
  3. No, track days are not motorsport, hence why no timing allowed, and no CAMS involved.
  4. I don't know any insurance company that covers track days. If anyone
    finds one, please let me know.
  5. The actual policy that is being referenced is one for racing cover. You can obtain cover from Shannon's for the purpose of racing, but only if it is an approved event. CAM's is cars (AFAIK) and MA is solely for Motorcycle racing. If you wanted cover from Shannons for a motorcycle road racing event you would have to have MA added as an approved organisation and take out that specific policy.

    Track days are not racing and therefore do not fall into this category.

    Incidentally, I have laid up insurance on the SV. Covers it for theft and damage whilst garaged at home, on the trailer (and in transport) as well as damage caused whilst loading or offloading. It doesn't cover any damage caused when the bike is under it's own power. Not cheap though.
  6. I have my bike insured with shannons insurance, when i asked them about doing a track day at Philip Island i was told that as long as it is not a MA approved race day ie: there's no racing or time trials. And is a track day run by an approved company that both my bike and my gear were still covered by the insurance. They said as long as i inform them when i was doing the track day all was covered.
  7. Make sure when you do call them that you get their name and details and note it on your policy. AFAIK, they cover approved training but not trackdays. Not saying they didn't tell you that, but just double check and make sure.
  8. When you've got that in writing let me know and I will change my policy over. Until then, it's your word against theirs, and you'll lose............
  9. bugger - dedicated track bike here i come
  10. From the Swann PDS:
    .....participating in an approved rider training course provided:
    the rider training course is conducted by an established business on private property which is used solely for the purpose of rider instruction, and

    the business conducting the rider training course is accredited or approved by the relevant State or Territory traffic authority.

    This has not been tested with a claim by myself, but prior to a ride day at Mac Park with Roadcraft+, I asked for and received a letter approving the ride day.

    Now I realise that there's not 'training' at most ride days, but for those that may be satisfied with one trip to PI per year - Roadcraft+ has a mid week two day excursion to PI annually in November.