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Champions Ride days - On bike Cameras not allowed

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by rdkls, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Just having a whinge because I reckon we should be allowed to have cams on the track.
    The lady told me they were disallowed for "insurance reasons".

    If it's to do with people crashing then claiming on insurance, and evidence the crash was on a track later being posted on youtube - up to them to remove identifying items?

    If to do with people riding unsafely for the cameras - their responsibility?

    Was pretty disappointed, really wanted to cam 1. souvenir value 2. friends/myself learning & improving

    I know you can get the cheapo "spy"/pen ones off ebay for ~$30 or so, am considering so ....
    But if there wasn't a "hard" reason and enough of us kicked up a fuss perhaps they could reconsider, any thoughts

  2. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed

    When I was at Broadford I asked this question. And the answer was because if they have a camera running people are more likely to play the hero and have there ego outstrip there ability
  3. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed

    It's not champions saying you can't use camera's or lap timers, its the track owners who hire it out to champions...

    In saying that, I ran a little spy cam thingo both trackdays at broadford and had no issues. My bike also has a lap timer built into the computer and engine start button (when I rememebered to push it each lap). The dude next to me ran a full size handycam hand held thing on a fukn tank mount... he got away with it all day.

    Don't advertise its there - no worries.

  4. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed

    you're also not allowed to mono, lap time, and pass dangerously, doesn't stop most people.
  5. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed

    could it be more to protect their arses? The camera could unintentionally capture footage to show that the organisers were negligent in some way. eg crash around the bend and no flag waved causing another spill? I know you sign your life away before a trackday, but I beat you could still challenge they weren't maintaining a safe environment. Just a thought.
  6. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed

    could be... ??

    I'm leaning more towards FL's reasons - people trying to put on a show for the camera.

    I know personally - I put one on once to test it going to work - I usually lane split a fair bit - that day I even scared myself as everything on the camera (well the one in test anyway) looks quite slow. Stupid I know but it did happen.

    Several people I've spoken to who have done the same thing; having a camera on their bike on public roads have said the same thing - trying to show off and put on a good show they have even shocked themselves by their own actions.

    Edit: you know what people do in front of a camera... CHK CHK BOOM!
  7. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed

    I took a camera to Broadford once, and I didn;t know you weren;t allowed to, and it was a huge camera and I was pretty open about it to, I stood right next to the fence.
    Here are my photos. Or is it more because you could put the photo guy out of business.
  8. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed

    uncosnail they are referring to video camera's on the bike... ;)
  9. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed

    oops, ...............
  10. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed

    Did you ask what these "insurance reasons" were? If not, why not? If so and she didn't answer, why not?

    I hate it when officious pricks cite vague "reasons" for not doing or allowing something. They hide behind obscurated bullshit in order to protect vested interests, or that they're simply too lazy to provide valid reasons.

    Politicians are the worst for this, dishonorable maggots that they are.
  11. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed

    I was at Broadford last Sunday and there were a few people with video cams and lap timers, it looked like they were being discrete with the cams as they were not in plain view.
  12. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed

    I did Champions at Oran and they were fine with cameras, as long as it was secure and they had absolutely no liability in terms of recovering it in the event of an off...

    The RRPA guys said no, I'm guessing for more commercial reasons.
  13. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed

    Champions at QR and Lakeside do not care if anyone runs lap timers or cams..

    I even had mine mounted in plain view and made minor adjustments after switching it on right infront of the officials..
  14. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed

    Just make sure they can't see it and that you mount it securely - ECRD have disallowed laptimers forever now, but be discrete and they don't care.
  15. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed


    10 Farkin characters
  16. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed

    Mate, have you ever even attended a Champions Ride Day?

    They are probably the safest and best organised private track day provider in the country.

    And Nicole Osborne is so totally, diametrically opposite to being an "officious prick" or "simply too lazy" it's not even f#cking funny.

    If she tells you it's to do with insurance, you nod and smile and walk away.
  17. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed

    Why what? :-s
  18. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed

    Why would they have an issue with lap timers?
  19. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed

    They stopped letting you laptime and video it on my last time to broadford which was towards the end of last year, but that being said a few of the guys I went with on other visits got away with it by just not being blatantly obvious.
  20. Re: Champions - Cams not allowed


    Because the use of lap timers and on board video changes the situation from a

    RECREATIONAL PASTIME (uncontrolled)

    into a


    in the

    EYES OF THE LAW (and insurance companies).

    Christ if you're that concerned about some crap youtube footage from the front of your poxy street bike, start racing interclub or vic titles.
    That should provide you with a nice wake up call.