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Champions Ride Day @ Broadford Sun 20th

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, May 16, 2012.

  1. The weather is forecast to be great for this Sunday's Champions Ride Day at Broadford, I'll be there coaching; there's still heaps of spots available for the ride day or coaching. See some of you there :)

  2. I'll be there Johnny!

    First time out at Broadford with my new R6, can't wait!

    Would I be able to steal you for 10 mins to help get me a base line setting with my suspension?

    See you there mate, look out for the black and orange haha

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  3. Hey Sheeth, was great to meet you; sorry we couldn't spend more time talking; I had a busy day coaching.

    I'm interested to know what the story is with your rear shock/tyre; I wonder if being 'under damped' could cause that tearing on the tyre? Maybe the compound was too hard for the cold day? I'm not real familiar with Pirelli DOT's but I had that tearing from SC2 slicks; but only on the left at Broadford because I couldn't keep it hot enough on that side. I also had that tearing from an SC3 (yeh I was fool to go that hard lol) slick at the Island.

    Keep us updated if you can :)
  4. Hey Johnny!

    Thanks o much for taking time out of your stupidly busy day to lend a hand, really appreciated.

    I'm going to go over the suspension properly some time this week, check the sag and give the rear a good bounce to see if anything was off. The only thing I'm thinking it might be so far is maybe my preload measurement was wrong, (done in a bit of hurry on sunday,) or maybe I need to add in some more Compression.

    I'm almost sure it wasn't cold tearing, it was only RHS and when I started to push alot harder later in the day. Dropping the pressure didn't improve anything and to be honest it might have made it worse it's hard to tell.

    Anyway I had a great day regardless, dropped heaps of my PB (a new bike will help but 4 seconds it heaps either way!!) to a 1:04.something learnt heaps and just can't wait to get out there again.

    I'm putting together a video of some slow motion shots my girl friend too make sure you check it out.

    See you soon mate!
  5. Dude 1.04 is rocking!
    Jonny thanks for leading me there at the end session. It was appreciated.
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  6. Sorry I wanted to spend more time riding with you Mick; I don't usually have to ride in all colour groups, I'm sure we'll many more chances in the future; I look forward to it :)
  7. slow mo's of your gf? :)
  8. You wish!

    Haha - didn't exactly come out right.

    Some slow mo shots of the bike she took haha. Super slow, think Isle of man vid with out the super quality, it's going to be awweeeeesome!
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