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Champions ride day @ Broadford Mar 18

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Anyone going to Broadford this Sunday? I'll be there coaching.

  2. Yup. Will be there with the new bike
  3. Yeah i'm heading up there..
  4. Is the bike in race trim yet? :bolt:


  5. Sweet ... we might come an watch :D

    The Gixxer isn't track ready yet :-s
  6. Hey kitt,
    Is the Gixxer going to be dedicated to the track now?

    If it is COOOOOOOOOOL! =D>

  7. Apparently LOL .. have the RSV4 now for the road ...

    The Gixxer was made for racing ... I think she will lurve the track :D
  8. Nearly there, it will be finished all bar the paint job by this weekend. Finished the engine covers and lock wiring tonight.

    Just need to change coolant to water, fit toe guard, remove lights etc at the rear, fit off the fairings, route the breather hoses to the airbox.. oh and paint up the race glass =D

    You must be getting excited for this weekend?
  9. Cool! yeah come and say gday!

    Sweeeet good to hear the GSXR is getting track ready! Is urs old enough for pre-mod (9 years)?
  10. Nervous 8-[
  11. I'll be there
  12. I'll be there.....
  13. The weather will be perfect! :)
  14. Was supposed to be doing testing at the Shanghai International Circuit today... farking weather... Oh well now its the 25th.

    Hope you all have fun this Sunday!
  15. Of course we'll say gday :D bringing mr 10 with us as well ( you need a good little pit crew person ?? )

    She's an 04 .. still 1 yr to go for pre-mod ...
    B has been busy setting her up :D , redone the forks , new brakes , new rotors , new front tyre, repacked headstem bearings ,
    HID removed , took the rack off , removed the pillion seat , just a few little things needed to do now :)

    The weather is looking mighty fine too =D> see ya's there :biker:
  16. Wilco and I might head up to watch. It has been along time since I have been up there. When are you leaving Kitt ?
  17. Prolly 10ish .. heading up via Flowerdale ..

    awesome day for it :D
  18. We went out to see the champions track day action today.......a little disappointed we are lol, was expecting much more then what we got...note to self......dont go to these things with high expectations lol and one guy on a motard who should of been given THE BOOT off the race track for dangerous riding.....absolute fcuk whit !!!

    Weather was perfect, food was great and looked like everyone had a top day :) despite Mr Motard Man.

    Cheers B
  19. any pics/vids?
  20. That white motard rider was playing a dangerous game taking inside lines pushing other riders out of the corner. Was so enjoying watching him get left behind on the straight..lol

    Justin (medium fast group) on his orange motard was riding like he was possessed. Was good to see.

    I took some video on my phone. Not sure how good it is but it was only for a minute anyway. As soon as i learn out to get it on here i will post it.

    Had a great day and weather was fantastic on the hill.