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Champions @ Broadford 22/6/12

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Dylan05, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Anyone going this friday? No rain but forecast is for a pretty cold day.

  2. I'm scheduled to be coaching but having lots of problems with my knee & hip; might have to sit this one out?
  3. would be if i didnt have work! craving a track day again!
  4. Same havent done one since april..or may?
  5. mine was the race school in the wet.. ive just found some warmers for $300 as well... don't really have the money but tempted!
  6. Buy from here mate and save some coin

  7. Kaneg are doin a special on warmers non digital though $250 think its delivered
  8. i have the same ones and use them on both my 1000 its a 190 rear and my 400 with 160 rear, works fine just have to use all the velcro
  9. Nah I'm out, going in for knee operation on Thursday; I may get up for a look?
  10. Weather now forecast to be thunder and rain top temp of 6, thinking I'll sit this one out
  11. OH seriously? Far out I wish I had the day off I need some wet practice!
  12. so do I but no wets :(