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Chairman's beer is the best in the world

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. And I don't care who knows it.

    Furthermore, he pickles a very serviceable chutney.
  2. Yeah, but does it wheelie?
  3. It's Off-Topic, so it doesn't have to :p.

    We miss the old Mark on the boards, Loz, how is he???
  4. And his Chilli Cassata Ice Cream is to die for :wink:
  5. And to think I passed this up to do painting.... :oops: :oops: :oops:
  6. I'd been wondering the same thing Paul, until we ran into each other lane-splitting up Alexandra parade. One of the best things about open-face lids is you can actually talk to people in traffic.

    He's alive and well, studying and running an engineering business from home. Libby's good too. And they laid on 4 kegs of the best fecken beer I've had. Got me and Jake rather saucy in fact, my poor housemate received the bear-hugging of a lifetime when I stumbled in the door.
  7. Poor bloody Cory. Leave him alone you bloody bully.
  8. He's hiding from me a bit today.
  9. He is probably afraid that you are going thru a "brokeback mt." phase.
  10. His skills are obviously getting better with that sidecar.
  11. I missed it too. Oh well. Visiting Italian relo's must be paid respects.

    He certainly does brew a bloody good drop!

    So how did all the Oz poetry go down?
  12. Having a friend offer me a pint glass and point me in the direction of four kegs has a profound and special effect on me - jolly rotten drunkeness!

    Twas a fantastic bbq, there was poetry no less! Thank Cheng for driving me home Loz, I can't remember much after the scotch got brought out so I might have forgotten to.

    I wonder what Mark is up to this weekend? :grin:
  13. And after that call on Sunday to tee up the ride for Monday as well!!

    At least it was worth it :p
  14. I know, I know! I wasn't expecting to wake as an extra in Shaun Of The Dead. I felt doubly crap yesterday because I knew I was missing a good ride. :oops: