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Chairman suffers a rush of blood to the head

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chairman, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. I went shopping this morning. I went out for bread and milk, but came back with this...

    It's not quite stock. The exhaust has been tweaked a little - the Arrow race can and mid-pipe have a matched Arrow chip and DNA airfilter.

    It seems to go quite nicely.
    This is a radical departure from my usual passion - big singles - but, sadly, after the SZR660, there's not much left to try in one-lungers (except the KTM 690 Duke - nice, but not my style). So it was time to explore something new. I looked at a few options - SuperDuke, Speed Triple and Shiver. I read all the reviews, spoke to a few people. In the end, I lined up the photos and there was no doubt. The Brutale is a sexy beast. And now I have one :grin:

    More news to come as we get to know one another better.

    *photos by Patrick, my 10yo. Chase car driven by Chairlady (Libby)
  2. :p

    Your posts so consistently crack me up. 10/10, smashing new bike too...
  3. I don't get it. You said you went out for bread and milk, then you went off on a tangent about a shiny new red thing. Please, don't leave us in suspense, what happened to the bread and milk?

    by the way, nice bike
  4. Damn. I knew I'd forgotten something. I suppose I could go out again, but I may come home with a Desmosedici RR, and still have nothing for breakfast. If I PM my address, could you bring over some bread and milk?
  5. Well that beats my effort by a mile of going to buy a new range hood and came home with a plasma tv instead. :grin:

    I love your style mate.. Great stuff and great looking bike..
  6. The minute you turn your back I'm stealing it or fornicating with it. It only depends on the location of the keys. I'm totally stoked you got it.

    The open face helmet policy may need a review or at least some sort of bug sheild now that you can make it to the mid to high $2.00 machiato range.

    Welcome to the fold, the Wanky Italian Bike Owners Club is richer for your inclusion. :cool:
  7. Well that would be about the last thing I expected of you sir Chairman. Congrats!

    Is it the 910 or the 7fiddy?
  8. Not to steal the man's thunder, it's the 750. Gay arse one piece colour matched leathers are to follow I'm sure :grin:
  9. There'll be no matched leathers here (although, I might bring out my Elvis-white race suit for fun).

    I will, however, be adding an Italian touch by gluing chest hair to my Brando jacket and investing in some gold chains. Do Alpine Star do any snake-skin race boots?
  10. Congrat's Chairman. :) My kinda bike!

    I've crossed the Speed Triple off my list, haven't even considered the SuperDuke, but I'm most likely to get either the Shiver or the Brutale. Shiver's got lots of things going for it and a few things against, but the Brutale I'm yet to learn more about...hoping to hear a review of this bike soon from you. ;)
  11. Congrats Chairman, nice looking beastie....

    When I say nice...I mean...mind parking it in my garage for a while? :grin:

    BTW, long time no hear stranger :)
  12. Nice one Chairman :)
    I'd hate to think what you'd come back with, if you were sent out for steaks :shock: :p
  13. Congrats on the new bike, Chairman, nice choice
  14. Good stuff. We need more MV,s here.
  15. Congrats Chairman! Looks pretty darn sexy :wink:
  16. Very tasty indeed.
  17. Great bike mate, can't wait till i go out for bread and milk! :shock:
  18. Nice bike Chairman!

    I shant be buying bread and milk until July unfortunately... :p
  19. So when's the sidecar going on it? :LOL: :p
  20. So what's your new nickname?


    congrats on an awesome looking bike