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Chairman is happily single again

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chairman, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. After my ill-fated foray into owning a multi-cylinder machine (what was I thinking?) I've decide to go back to what makes me happy.

    Swayed by Kol_Kebab's rave reviews, I collected my Yamaha SZR660 on Saturday and spent Sunday blasting around Seymour, Yea and Broadford.

    I luuuuurve this bike. It will never win any land speed records, but, even with damp roads and a fresh-out-of-the-wrapping tyre on the front I was cornering with more speed, precision and confidence than the SR500 has ever offered.

    Two up and holding posted limits (roughly), the bike took everything I threw at it. Given what I'm used to (nut-numbing rattles) it is (relatively) smooth, comfortable and after a fairly long day out, I was ready to do another 200km.

    The clincher was on the long loop that drops you from the Bolte to the Westgate - a favorite corner that I can take on the SR500 with a fair bit of speed and some trepidation. The SR500 has infinately self-adjusting forks, 19inch wheels and tends to wind up entering the corner and "sproooooiiing" midway through like a huge spring uncoiling. You don't select a cornering line - the best you can do is select a cornering lane, and staying in that is an excercise in probability.

    On the SZR, with my passenger tucked in close we sailed into the sweeper, only to catch up to a car in front and blocked by another on the left. A small gap opened, we adjusted the line, flicked it through the gap (indicating appropriately) and set up for the reverse into the left hander. The bike didn't falter, there was no uncertainty - where we ended up was exactly where I'd planned. Exit speed was...well...invigorating.

    The previous owner was an enthusiast. The stock pipe is gone, custom rearsets remove the "I can bite my kneecap" feeling and one-off Tingate clip-ons raise the bars by 2 inches. I've read plenty of reviews that complain that the SZR is too small for the average rider and that might be right, but I found the set-up on this one to be perfect. Libby, who's only pillioned once before was comfortable and confident throughout the ride.

    The finish is rough - who cares? They were built to compete in a specific European race class and it isn't surprising that they have a robust if agricultural finish. I'll take function (Brembo brakes and Paioli forks) over form any day.

    Kols_Kebabs - I agree. The SZR660 is the best LAMS bike on the planet. If I had to recommend a bike that encouraged learners to develop confident "Twist of the Wrist" style cornering (rather than waste time perfecting straightline WOT speeds) then this would be the one. I got off my P's over 20 years ago and this bike offers more than enough fun for me.


    (Pics coming soon)
  2. HEY chairman sounds WOOT!

    but ya must have started a new thread? :oops:
  3. The Highlander said it best: "In the end, there can be only one" :)
  4. Great ride report, Mark, and it sounds like the bike has put the 'fun' in functional for you, we share your WOOT.....
  5. Sounds good Mark...

    Now, what are you going to attach the chair to? :grin:

  6. Hey next time you go out I'll come with the Sachs :wink: Thump, Thump, Thump
  7. Hey Mark... Welcome to the modern era!

    Does that mean your knick is going to change to "Chairlessman"... or "singleman"? [The 2nd could create a stir?!?!!?! :LOL:]

    Yes it was a good ride on the weekend - and from my vantage point [either well behind or feeding you my exhaust fumes :p] the yammy handled awesomely two up. Great bike. :)


  8. Ah Chairman, was so good to see you on the bike at last.
    Had a fantastic note when you went past me flat out at one stage, seemed to hold a really nice line through the sweepers near Trawool.
  9. Way to go Mark :dance: :woot: :woot: \:D/

    Hope to see you someday soon on it!

  10. Lucky I read the thread BEFORE shipping a container load of cheap Thailand p0rn to the Chairman.

    Hopefully we shall see it at Westside Coffee or as Susan likes to put it:

    Bike Cuppa'

    Good work Mark.

    PS: (If a truck rocks up with a 20 foot container on the back, send it over to my place...)
  11. Not supprising you are happy with the bike... I had a chance to test ride one about 5 years ago and found it very very good... especialy when the previous bike I tested was a MUZ :(
  12. Any chance of some of the SR500 as well :cool:

    Thanks in advance
  13. I hadn't even heard of this bike until Mark told me he was buying it. I had a look on the web and found that it's one of those types of bikes people get really strange about. Good strange though, not spooky weird strange.... well except for Mark's Ray Charles impersonation as he demonstrated on a chair how the Yamacati went through corners which included a range of interesting facial expressions... :LOL: .

    It's a neat unit that when you look closer has some really trick parts. Like the upside down Paoli forks, trick looking rear shock, Brembo brakes...blah, blah, blah :twisted: . All this on a 660 single for feck sake!

    If that blissed-out look on your face is anything to go by you are a happy, happy camper. So when are you selling me the rattle-trap? :p :wink: :LOL:
  14. Are the simple things in life :wink:

    Cheers :cool:
  15. Wow, I actually changed someones ride!

    Best single ever!

    I'm constantly learning from riding it. It really challenges you to find the limits of handling, and is perfectly predictable and just punchy enough.

    I can't beleive you went fast with a pillion though. It's shocking at carrying passengers. They're very high-up, with a tiny pad, very high pegs, and nothing to grab onto. The high weight also badly affects handling. Admittedly my experience is limited, as I'm a P plater, so I've only pillioned a couple of times :) All my pillions have had 20kg on me, so I guess if they were light enough it would be okay?

    Surprised to hear you found it comfortable too. Those must be some radical mods. It hurts kinda bad. Definetly worth it though, and you'd have to have no sense of humour not to love it.

    It's not just the best LAM's bike ever, it's fantastic compared to the very best, latest superbikes!

    Pics! Pics! Pics!

    I'll show you mine if you show me yours :wink:

    A classic single still appeals though, I'm always looking for a cheap SR500, or GB400.