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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by StereoHead, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. I'm going to replace my chain soon, and since I only moved to Aus recently i was wondering what kind of Price I should be expecting to pay for a new chain for my 03/04 ZX6R...

    In the past I have always gone with standard chains... are there after market brands that are better? I would prefer one with gold links for posing factor... but that is not essential...


  2. RK and DID are 2 names that come to mind when speaking of chains,prolly be looking at between $200-$300 depending on what ya get and where from :wink:
  3. I just paid $189 for a 525 chain for the Hornet
  4. Including new sprockets (recommended) you're up for $350 to $400, I don't think a gold chain is more than about $50 on top of that.
  5. i think the one you have seen is the regina gold .... not cheap
  6. Over here everyone always replaces the sprockets when they buy a chain, in NZ they dont.... They pretty much replace it every 2nd chain....... Weird.... Im sure its safer to replace each time... but... is it overkill? I had a look at my sprockets earlier and they look ok.... still nice and square on top etc...
  7. As I understand it, when a chain needs replacing it's usually because a couple of the rings have given up, causing tight links that won't bend freely with the chain's travel around the sprockets. This causes alternating tight/loose spots in the chain.

    The tight bits cause overheating which buggers up more of the o-rings, and the loose bits ride up and down the length of the sprocket sides, wearing them slightly as they go and you end up with a slightly hooked side on your sprocket.

    A great article here:

    Either way, sprockets are cheap and you nmight as well replace them. It also gives you the chance to downgear your bike to assist with crap wheelies.
  8. So $320 fitted (chain and sprockets) is a decent price?
  9. What brand and model chain?
  10. I got a DID X-Ring (yup it has the golden links and meant to be better than the O-Rings) and JT sprockets when I had my service for a 2001 CBR F4i I think off the top of my head it was about $189 for the chain, $75 for the sprockets and about $100 worth of labour to fit. Mind you I did get it done when I had a major service so I guess the bike was already in pieces..
  11. DID X-Ring
  12. since your talking about DID chains, are they good quality or what?
    I'm looking to get one real soon...
  13. forgot to add they are o rings i'm looking at
  14. Yeah I need to replace the chain on my GPX250R,

    I had it up on it's centre-stand and was tightening the chain, and found it is real slack in some places, and tight in the others... Meaning I get a sort of jerky effect.

    Can you get red chains for it do you reckon? (Sorry I don't know much about bikes except for how to ride 'em)