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Chains, what brand is best/better and why?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Caz V1, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. I've just had my chain and sprockets replaced this morning.
    I spent yesterday sourcing parts, cos my local bike shop didn't have my sprockets in stock and I wanted them replaced this morning.
    Anyway, I ended up saving about $40 buying the chain n sprockets from Johnny O in at Yamaha city, can't thank you enough, top service and price.
    When I take the parts into my local bike shop this morning for fitting, I mentioned how in future they will get the labour but not the sale on spares, if I can save that much going elsewhere. The came back with lame excuses about DID chains not being a good brand along with crap about city stores being cheaper cos thats the only way they can get customers, a day trip to the city, tolls, parking and lunch make it cheaper in the long run to buy local, what a load of hooey.
    Anyway, are DID chains crap, and if so, what should I have got and why?

  2. DID are one of the best. They are just justifying ripping you off.
  3. You're talking about for the v-rag, right? A daisy chain would handle that kind of power.

    DID, as of last time I did my research, make the chain with the highest tensile strength of anything on the market. It's quite an expensive one. Didn't make much difference to me, I tend to shred chains prety quickly due to loutish behaviour, so now I just buy what I can get cheap.

    There's nothing at all wrong with DID. Learn to fit chains yourself and you'll save on useless labour costs too.
  4. Caz, DID chains are the best in the market IMHO..

    I cant believe they would say rubbish like that. If you had of bought it there, thats what they would have most likely sold you.. :roll:
  5. DID chains rock! :) The shop staff were just shitty because they'll be losing the money on selling you parts unless they can compete with the other stores. FWIW, I can understand a smaller store finding it difficult to compete with the bigger city stores as they don't get the customer numbers to justify smaller margins on parts. However, since they didn't stock the parts you needed anyway they should probably just HTFU and get over it. :)
  6. Nothing wrong with DID Caz although they're probably overkill on a 250 cruiser.
    No law agains shopping around either. Shame you ned the local shop for fitting as I wouldnt like that attitude........
  7. Thanks Guy's, I suspected it was just a case of having their nose out of joint, along with the fact I KNOW Johnny O would not have sold me a dud product, considering he was the only salesman out of all 4 stores I enquired at, that asked me about gearing and if I was using standard or not, then went on to explain pro's/cons of different sprocket sizes.

    Seany, I get what your saying about smaller stores, less customer traffic, but at the end of the day, if they don't compete, they dont get the sale.
    A small margin is better than NO margin at all.
  8. How do you know when a chain needs a replacement, other than running out of room to adjust the axle?
  9. Good question.
    I only knew because my chain had a tight spot, along with worn sprockets.(excess sideways movement and too much slack when tugged on at the back of the rear sprocket)
    I am sure there are other ways of telling, but I can't say what they are, I'll leave that up to the Guru's to answer :)
  10. The longest lasting chain i have had on the 9 was an Ek mvx 5-10000 ks longer than a Did :grin:
  11. I have a D.I.D. on the Hornet at the moment and it shows all signs of outlasting the bike......
  12. - When you run out of adjustment room
    - When it develops tight spots such that it's loose at one point in the wheel's rotation and tight if you spin the wheel a bit, and the rear wheel is in proper alignment.
    - When it starts to need adjusting all the time, like every 200km.
    - When you can start to see heat discolouration after a bit of very fast riding. - When they're rusted beyond repair.

    Finally you can develop so much sideways flex in the chain that it's impossible to adjust the chain enough to make the gearbox feel tight and slick. I don't know how that one happens, but it's bloody annoying.
  13. Another good check is too grab a link around the rear region of the back sprocket. If you can pull it clear of the teeth, you have linear stretch. This means your sprockets will wear quicker, as the chain can only spread the force over 2 or 3 teeth.
  14. Awesome. I've collected the whole set!!!

    DID chain and some new sprockets on the way.
  15. I'm glad you're happy Caz, I just want to give prices and service to anyone that rides, that I would hope to get from a bike shop myself.

    Sometimes it's hard to please everyone, all I can do is try.
  16. Well from the oppinions on KSRC from your time at Cosways and my own experience buying leathers from you at PS previous to that, I'd say you're doing a bloody good job. :)
  17. Your friends at the workshop were just pissed because they buy parts at trade price, add a markup, sell to you at retail, and you bypassed them.

    The downside here is that in reality, where they just make $20-30 on a part, they will easily hide the lost markup in their labour cost when you supply the parts. Most workshops hate people who supply their own parts, and will charge for labour accordingly so that they hardly ever lose.
  18. You are sort of correct , it is hard to survive on just labour, just as it is hard to survive on just parts or accessories, every customer wants a discount, every customer thinks they deserve one.... everyone wants good service from a shop, maybe if you gave them the labour and the parts sale, it would help your dealer.
  19. Actually, I ended up with cheaper labour than first quoted.
    Thursday when getting my rear tyre replaced, sevice manager informs me my chain is in desperate need of replacement, quotes me $77 labour plus parts. On my tyre invoice it has a quote of $250-$270 for the complete job.
    So I did the math and deducted the $77 from quote which leaves $193 for parts if I take the higher quote.
    After buying parts for $137 they only charged m $49.50 for labour.
    Thats a huge difference from the original quote.