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Chaingang - Excellent service

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by cejay, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. I've purchased 3 rear sprockets, a new front and a 520 chain for the SV recently from these guys.

    The sprockets are made to order, typically same day and shipped overnight by Express Post. I ordered a new rear on Thursday afternoon and it was at my house when I got home last night.

    I had a small problem with the 44T sprocket with bolt washers fouling on a raised lip of the sprocket. When I orded the 45T on Thursday, they took my feedback and this one is perfect.

    The sprockets come in a range of styles. Mine are cut fairly heavily and though not light weight (they're steel) their durability should be better than the paper weight alloy units I've seen. Either way, having a service provider sending parts overnight sure beats ordering OS components via the web.

    Cost of a rear sprocket (Red in colour) is $125 +$10 shipping. I'm not sure how that compares, but 520 sprockets for SV's are pretty hard to come by, so any price increase is offset by availability and service.

    Chaingang are based in QLD at http://www.chaingang.com.au/ and can be contacted on 1800 806 857