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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by fenno, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Chain Problems - Cut to many links out.

    Hey all,

    I havent been on the bike for over 8 months due to an injury. My chain was fooked so ive decided to change it.

    I bought a new chain took the old one off and discarded it.

    Now since i am such a NOOB ](*,)](*,)](*,), i have cut the new chain approx 2 links to short! 8-[:oops:

    Is there anyway i can fix this?

    Can i take it into a bike shop and get some links put in?

    Do i have to buy a new chain and cut my losses and start again?


  2. You can buy half and full links from any bike shop, Take your new chain with you,
    Makes sure its the right size,
  3. Make sure that the open end of the link faces towards the rear of travel.
  4. would moving your wheel forward work?
  5. Deadman, when you say half and full links what do you mean? At the moment i have the new chain sitting on the bike, both barrels facing each other and 2 teeth still exposed on the rear sproket. If I take it to the bike shop tomorrow will they just give me two master links or re-attach two of the links back on there for me?

    If they do give me two master links would this damage the integrity of the chain and cause trouble leading to injury later?

    Lilley, as far as i am aware the chain is full moved forward.

    Thanks for the replys guys, really appreciated.

    Sorry for being such a noob.
  6. Ideally you would cut the new chain to the same number of teeth as the old one, but if you've discarded it I guess you won't know how many links it had.
    You will probably need to get one more master link, then cut one more link out of the cut-off bit of the new chain. When you put it all together you'll have two master links, with an 'inner' link between them. If they are rivetted master links this is no drama, if they are clip-type links there is slightly more chance of one coming apart (as there's twice as many). If you were originally going to use one clip link, you could get a bike shop to supply and fit one rivetted link to your new chain, then install it on the bike yourself with the clip link.

    Normally, removing or adding a link is effectively changing the length by two teeth as there are inside and outside plates, so you have to take out two to rejoin it. A half link has bent side plates (from inside to outside) so it changes chain length by one tooth. Its best not to use half links unless you really have to, most bikes have enough adjustment that its not necessary.
  7. Many will give you a resounding 'YES' but I've been riding dirt for 25 odd years and I've seen and experienced many broken chains - NEVER seen a broken master link, many a discussion around the camp fire reveals no-one I know ever seeing a broken master...

    If you're unsure, take the chain back to the shop, they have the gear to rivet them, get them to add the links and you're all set...
  8. Great info Guys,

    It's pretty embarrassing, but i guess you learn from your mistakes. The 250 is my first bike and its been a good thing on how to teach myself how to do things.

    Is it expensive to get the shop to "mend" the chain?

  9. Shouldn't be, but that doesn't mean it won't be. Ask first. Personally I'd just buy another clip link and do it myself. Every bike I've owned in 35 years has had a clip link (except the BMW!) and I've never had one come off.
  10. Fenno, we were all learners once, Dont stress about it,

    On a 250, a half and full link wont be a problem,

    Take your chain to a bike shop, tell them your two teeth short and they will fix it for you,
    Selling you enough links to fix your problem, Should not be a charge for any thing else but the links,

    My Blackbird wont take split links, it has to be riveted, or else it spits the chain off, But its running 164 horses.

    If you have further queries, dont hesitate to ask,
  11. Woohoo so i got another masterlink from down the bike shop today. Just got home from work... the chain is on and joined.

    One question!

    Is there any trick to getting the backing plate on? I watched this bloke on Jewtube and his slides right on... mine wont.
  12. It should just pop strait on. Make sure the link posts are strait and the clip facing to the back. Don't pry the retaining clip out to put it on either. Just put it on so it's almost home then use a pair of pliers. One face on the link post and the other on the link. Squeeze and presto.
    I would not have the chain around the back sprocket while I was doing this to give me more play and room.
    When you tighten the chain have that joining link on the top run of the chain. And measure your slack from the bottom as you would.
  13. so to be safe-buy 100 master links and make a chain---that sucker will never break
  14. Blackbird, Busa and GSX1400 will shred master links, They need to be rivetted,
    Just passing info on, Not having a go,
  15. I always have the master link on the sprocket, Easier for me, so do what works for you. I put the orings on the link, grease, link through chain, if the chain is on the sprocket it holds it together, grease, outside orings, plate, I use multi grips to press the link together, Not so far as to crush the orings, far enough so the groove is clear enough for the clip to fit in, clip over front pin, make sure it will fit, put open end of clip on back pin groove, squeeze on with multi grips, Or I put a big flat blade screwdriver on the closed end of the clip and tap it with a hammer. Make sure the clip is seated properly adjust chain to corrct tension at the tightest point, check brakes work, and Your mothers brothers Robert..
  16. LOL

    False alarm guys.... chain was on and bike was back together shortly after i made that last post.

    Once again thank-you to everyone who gave there time for some great feedback.

    Fenno :busting:
  17. But that's why masters are only rated for bikes up to certain cc's/hp... Only commented as the OP stated it was a 2fiddy... Well worth your input for those who don't know better though... :beer: