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Chain tension changing during rotation

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Rockjob, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. My chain has been making some funny noises, finally had a look at it.
    Found the slack was way off, so i fixed that. Then i go to turn the wheel.

    As far as i can tell, the joiner link is slightly longer than the other ones, and thus sits funny on the sprockets. So when the wheel turns, the tension of the chain changes between tight and floppy. I guess thats the noise ive been hearing. I've had a look at the joiner piece, it doesnt seem very adjustable.

    I fear my chain is fuxored.

    Time for new chain and sprockets you think?
  2. Before Vic comes on to skite about having a shaft drive bike, what's your chain maintenance like?
  3. Pretty ordinary. I know im suppose to lube the chain every 2 tanks or so, but i usually only do it every 4. Could be better, but its probably better than most.

    I had a chat to my father on the phone, he reckons the joining link is stretched. I wonder if i can just get a replacement joining link or if its a "whole new chain" job.
  4. Once your chain has stretched more in some areas than others, you need a new chain. Regular lub on the chain will make it last longer next time.
  5. At least you're lubing.

    Any cleaning in that lubing regime? Gummed up and poorly looked after chains wear internally and "stretch". They also use up power to overcome internal friction. A chain is a collection of hinges, varying tension means some tight hinges which no amount of lube will help. It's too late. Also, once "stretching"* starts, a chain is not long for this world.

    If you replace a chain, most shops recommend replacing the sprockets. If your sprocket teeth a sharp and pointy, and/or you can lift the chain off the back of the sprocket, then you should.

    Your bike will ride like new.

    There are a few good threads on chain maintenance - have a look around.

    *Stretching is not actual stretching unless you seriously over power a chain. Stretching is the collected sum of extra movement of internal wear.
  6. While there's a chance you have the wrong size split link, I think it's unlikely.

    Also split links don't stretch or wear much differently to regular links.

    Your chain probably has probably developed a tight spot, which is fairly common. Adjust the chain when the chain is at it's tightest. If that makes it too slack everywhere else, it's time for a new chain.
  7. When you do, buy a quality one, won't you?

    I bought the Hornet a new D.I.D. chain in November 2006, when the bike had 85,000 kms on it.

    It now has 120,000 and I have adjusted it twice myself, and I know it's only been adjusted once at a service. I lube it and the sprockets regularly, and at this rate, it will outlast the bike (and maybe even me :LOL:).
  8. If you do not set the correct tension on the joiner link side plates, damage the O-rings, or forget to lube the pins on assembly then the joiner will wear at a faster rate than the rest of the chain. Probable reason why it's not sitting correctly on the sprockets.
  9. I'm guessing the funny noises are crunchy noises when you take off?

    Sounds like you have a tight spot. Chain is junked, get a new one. :)
  10. Wouldn't be a bad idea to put on new sprockets at the same time. Did that with the old boys Honda 750-four to find that the reason the chain stretched unevenly was because the sprockets weren't original and someone had done a home drilling job to make them "fit", making them spin off centre. Hence a slight "pulling then slack" feeling when he ride was riding slow. It was a bit dodgy.
  11. i have the same issue. chain is tight in one spot, and loose in another. its stretched at some points. makes a horrid noise when riding. am getting new chain and sprokets installed as a must. scard of losing the chain on the way to work or the way home.
  12. That's not as crazy a fear as you might think. It happened to Whippet - thankfully, without a negative outcome.