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Chain & Sprockets

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by chepski, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. I've got to change my chain & sprockets (03 Z1000), and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on what type of chain to buy. I'm assuming that the sprockets will be generic Kawasaki parts but I thought the chain did not have to be specific.

    I'm currently doing around 100k's a day so was hoping to get something with a bit of longevity in it.

    Any suggestions?
  2. What's your chain maintenance like?

    ps. hello by the way. Good thanks. Thanks for asking. :) (first post)
  3. Hi. Chain maintenance revolves around Belray Superclean once per week and chain teightening as required, which at this stage is once per week also. I've got a flat spot on my rear sprocket which isn't helping....

    ps - thanks for the welcome
  4. Longevity is a "how long is a piece of string" thing. What's a good distance for you? Good chain maintenance will make any chain last longer - so longevity is largely up to you. Your maintenance method, which I guess includes a lubing step, with 100 easy dry kms should see a chain last 30ish K kms.

    Apparently X ring chains last longer than W ring chains which last longer than O ring chains... but there's no real free ride - we're only talking percentages of life. Go for what you can afford.

    You can't go too wrong with name brand chains, DID, RK, Regina, etc.,
  5. be prepared to spend a bit more than the minimum if you want decent life on a big torquey bike... and as Rob says, buy brand-name anyway..
  6. Thanks for the advice guys. Interesting to note that you mentioned getting 30K kms out of a chain - this one's done 40K kms. Def time for a change.

    Any advice on sprockets? I don't know what the standard is for a Z1000. Excuse the ignorance, and apologies if this is just a rerun of previous posts, but what's the effect of increasing or decreasing teeth on the rear?
  7. More teeth on the rear, +2 or +3, will give you better acceleration. Engine will rev higher for the same road speed. Decreasing teeth on the front will do the same.
    One tooth on the front is roughly equivilent to three on the rear.
    If your speedo is driven off the gearbox you may want to consider a speedo healer.
    Most litre bikes are over geared and feel much better running a bit higher in the rev range.
    Its not uncommon to go -1 on the front as well as +2 or +3 on the rear.

    Afam is a good well known brand.
    I'm using one of their aluminium sprockets at the moment and am pretty happy with it.

    If you are having to adjust your chain weekly it is well and truly past its use by date.
    Chain maintenance is the key to long chain life, and as mentioned in a previous post go with a good chain, DID, EK, RK etc.
    I've seen over 40,000 kl out of my last two chains.
  8. Thanks for all the input. Bike's booked in for RK GXW530 chain and standard sprockets. Happy days.
  9. Standard is good. An aluminium sprocket is usually used for track bikes or race bikes along with 520 chains - to save a bit of weight... but Aluminium doesn't wear as well as standard steel sprocket.

    I'm surprised the standard Z uses a 530 chain - it must have quite a bit of oomph, but that set up with good chain maintenance will see >>40K kms...

    I predicted 30K since if you only spray the chain cleaner, I expected some crap to remain where you don't want it. My toothbrush and kero regime just saw me go 60000kms and I only replaced the chain (and sprockets) because the one tight spot was giving me vibes I didn't want.

    Happy riding mate.
  10. Cheers. The RK website suggested the 530 for 1000cc bikes.

    I've never previously focussed on chain cleaning - perhaps I should. How often would you kero and toothbrush it? The Belray Superclean is a lubricant...
  11. The answer is, whenever it looks like it needs it. I'm surprised you got that long out of your chain then if all you did was heap lube on top of lube. You will probably find a nice little surprise under your front sprocket cover in that case.

    Anyway for more info about chains, the cleaning of or not, check out https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=111966 ...kinda summarises a lot of the often repeated discussion about chains.
  12. Thanks mate. Live and Learn.
  13. I'm just on 95,000Km from a DID ZV112 (530) chain on my VFR800. Had a scottoiler all its life and doesnt get cained but I do ride rain, hail or shine at around 700K a week.Front front sprocket was replaced at 60,000K and rear is original - both OEM (I've not seen additional life from aftermarket sprockets)

    Previous best was 70,000K with meticulous cleaning and weekly application of chain wax.
  14. Love your work Bruce!