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chain/sprocket noise

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Kha-Khees, May 26, 2011.

  1. Got a bit of a problem.

    Noticed the chain was a bit too slack on my 2000 model VTR250 last week, so on monday I went through the motions of adjusting it, for the first time. Service manual in hand, managed to keep it aligned and set it all up, tightened correctly etc.
    While I had it all set up and the tool kit out I also got the front sprocket cover and chain guard off and gave it a clean + relube.

    Now there's a knocking, or ticking noise coming from either:
    the chain
    the front sprocket
    or the shaft connected to the sprocket

    ive measured the slack and its sitting around 27-28mm, manual says between 25-30 so that should be right. I can only think that I got overzealous when cleaning and have shifted some grease on the shaft driving the front sprocket...

    any ideas?
  2. How are the sprockets ??? are the teeth strait ?? or leaning a bit ?? if leaning they are worn out. Front sprockets usually go first as they are smaller and take more strain because of that. Could be that now your chain is at the correct tension it does not sit well in the worn sprockets.
    When you tighten a chain try and have the bike sitting upright... lean it against a wall. And as a last check of tension. Make sure it still has a little play when sitting on the bike.
    Also when adjusting make sure your joining link is on the top run of the chain. Not on the bottom where you should be checking the slack.
    So yeah to check your sprockets look at them where the chain isn't and see if the teeth are at least as high as the roller in the chain and strait. For the chain you need to take it off and make sure their is very little to no sideways movement in it.
    It's best to change the lot at once too.
  3. The sprockets look ok to me. They aren't "hooking," the wear looks even, and the teeth aren't worn down. But the 'cutout' could be worn inwards I suppose, I haven't developed the eye for that sort of thing yet.

    I did have the bike upright on a swingarm stand when I was adjusting, but I don't know about the master link - it wasn't something I was aware of (hindsight, eh).
  4. Yeah will be too tight I think if your adjusted it with the wheel off the ground. Well I think so. Just sit on it and check it now before you ride it. Better than stretching your chain out..or worse. Doesn't need to be running or in gear.
  5. I tried to take that bit into account, i know it tightens with suspension travel. But it makes the noise up on the stand, too. Just turning the wheel by hand will produce it.
  6. How is the chain? Does it have any tight spots? The recommended slack adjustment is at the tightest spot.

    On my bike (the one with a chain) there is a significant difference in the slack when it is on centrestand and when it has the back wheel on the gorund. If it is the same as mine then 27 mm on centrestand will be way too tight. However how does you manual say to adjust? on stand or with wheel on ground?
  7. it says on the side stand on my manual, VTR250,
    after checking mine i also seem to think i need to adjust my chain as it is a new one and i think heard that it will need adjusting not long after.
    heres a picture of the page from manual...

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  8. I'm working from the service manual shonofear, thats the owner's manual I think. There should be a copy floating around the forums, it's definitely worth tracking down. If you don't have any luck I'll see about uploading it for you somewhere later.

    Like I said before, the noise is produced even if it is on the rearstand with the extra slack and I just spin the wheel. I have (perhaps unwisely >_>) been riding it as its my only means of transport.
  9. yea, i have the service manual as well, haven't looked into it much though, only for an oil change. cheer though
    hope u find the cause of the noise.
  10. You need to lube/oil your chain on a regular basis. Probably every 500 km or so. Depeneding on how many k's you do a regualr weekly or fortnightly schedule is best. When you do that also check the slack. If the slack is wrong adjust. Simple. Maintain it properly and you will prevent wear and won't need to adjust as often as if you don't maintain.

    When a chain is new there may be an initial stretch period which causes slack and needs to be taken up. Once this initial period is past the chain will settle down and not need that frequent adjustment if properly maintained.

    There are heaps of threads on chain maintenance here.
  11. Heh, yeah actually you were the last person to adjust it before me. I came to the maintenance day you put on last year (might've been about this time).

    If I lived closer you'd be getting more business from me. On a side note, I believe the post on your blog about the 'worst chain and sprockets ever' is a bike that belonged to a previous workmate of mine. That ones a great motivator to get out and maintain the chain.
  12. That was a while back. I suspect it will be well overdue for adjustment. Hope it's had some lube since then.