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Chain / Sprocket and Prices

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by spongesam, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Where do you guys shop for these parts?
    And prices please?

    I've got a GPX250.

    Sprockets from US would probably cost around $80 to get over here.
    I want 15T front and 42T rear.
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  3. thanks for that... their prices are a little steep for my liking.
    any others a little cheaper?
  4. I got mine at Motor cycle accessories liverpool

    *chain: got mine for $150 midrange (anywhere from $100 to $250)
    *front sprocket: $15
    *rear sprocket: $45

    my bikes a ZXR250 89
  5. so far best prices are from bikes plus

    front 20
    rear 40
    seems reasonable enough
    chain 100

    curious and hopeful on getting a lot more mileage on the new spocks.
  6. just realised, speedo, will that be out?
    it's taken from front wheel on gpx?

    (speed didn't go up as far as i remember when going through gears while on centre stand.... could be wrong though)
  7. You're right, the GPX speedo is taken from the front wheel so changing your sprockets (or gear ratios) won't affect it (anyway it's probably out already, most of them are). Only changing the front tyre to a different profile will alter the reading.
  8. +1 for Bikes Plus, especially with members discount!
  9. I had a nice DID chain installed with a rivet master link on my zzr250, which i suspect takes the same as your GPX.

    Steel sprockets, o-ring DID AND new rear pads installed (i didnt get an itemised price so take into consideration the pads), $270.
  10. You can ship parts from the US very cheap these days. usually around $25 or $30 usd flat, so if you buy a few things at once you save $$$.

    I just got a chain and sprocket kit and PCV and speedohealer for my fireblade.

    Try sportbiketrackgear.com

    and ridersdiscount.com

    and motomummy.com

    A good place to find reputable shops is via the forums in the USA

    try 1000rr.net or gixxer.com

    PS why are you changing sprockets? Are they worn out?

  11. I bought a 47 tooth rear for my DRZ400 7 years ago - it's seen probably 8 - 10 chains and untold kilometers in that time and shows no visible signs of wear - if you plan to keep the bike it'll be a wise investment...

    Edit: whilst the DRZ isn't a powerhouse, it doesn't have a cush drive and that sprocket has been shock loaded off road all of it's life...