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Chain, sprocket, and a rear shocker

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by NoOrangeLeft, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. Hi guys, haven't been active in the forum for a while. Would like some opinion on whether to fix my bike. Any opinion is appreciated.

    So, I have a 2005 Ninja GPX250 for 4 years now. I normally send it to the mechanics for servicing and only do the routine chain cleaning and lubricating myself. About the month ago, on my way home from work, the chain came off of the rear sprocket. I managed to put it back on and rode home, no dramas. Same thing happened the next day and after checking I found out that the chain was way too loose (got a 50mm-60mm slack!). So, with the help of the maintenance manual, youtube & google, I managed to adjust the slack to around the 30mm range. I used 30cm heavy duty adjustable wrench to fasten the axle nut and the torque link nut after I have done the adjusting as I do not have a torque wrench. I think they are tight enough as I almost broke my arms and toppled the bike while fastening them (same happened when I was unfastening them). I do not think this has anything to do with what happened in the following events, but am open to any different opinion.

    The week after the adjustment, riding was good, chain stayed in place. Then I realised something unusual. The rear half of the bike dropped lower than its usual position occasionally. I noticed this when I put down the side stand and it’s already barely touching the floor, there’s no room to tilt the bike. Also when I rode through road humps the back wheel was sort of banging on the road humps (felt like riding through a pot hole) rather than springing through it. This problem only happens occasionally though. If I hold on to the pillion’s handle bar and pull the back of the bike up I can feel the bike springs back to its normal position.

    Not knowing what’s wrong with the bike, I rode it to a mechanic (1st visit, the one I normally went to has closed up shop) for a check. Verdict is that the rear shocker is gone. He also said the front and rear sprocket + chain needs to be replaced, which was what my previous mechanic told me, that they need to be replaced at the next service. I was quoted $600 for the replacement of the sprockets, chain, and the rear shocker (with a 2nd hand shocker).

    2 questions, 1.) Is that a fair price? 2.) Given the market price is around $1.8k - $2.5k for this bike, is it worth the repair?

  2. I wouldn't drop $600 on that bike. I would get new eBay chain and sprocket kit for $100 . 2nd hand shock maybe $100. If your not confident installing them yourself offer netrider a case to help u out.
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  3. Yep just checked ebay $75 for a shock for the beast.
  4. Where do u live mate ?
  5. find-a-part, and see how much it costs from a wrecker? it's an easy if finicky job.
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    Yea, like I said, I know fk-all about the bike, which is sad but true. Definitely not confident to be doing it myself but am willing to learn cuz hey it's handy to know how to actually take care of the bike I am riding day in day out.

    Ascot Vale.

    What's the possibility of something else other than the shocker has stopped working? Could it be the axle nut / torque link nut?