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Chain snapped on way back from SBK

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Jimi, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    Riding back from the SBK I had just made it to Berwick and heard a "clunk" and noticed the bike no longer moving. I pulled over and got off to find my chain being dragged along behind me. My chain had snapped in two different places. I managed to get the bike picked up in a trailer and taken to my girlfriends house a few blocks away.

    Being not technically savvy, I have no idea how to fit a new chain, and might not be able to get it from girlfriend's to a bike shop. Is it a simple procedure to put on a new chain...? Could anyone give me some advice...? How much will it cost...? Is anyone in the Berwick area able to maybe come around and give me a hand...? Is it better if I can just get it to a shop...? Why/how the hell did it happen?

    I am lucky I was only going about 15kph at the time, I dont want to think what I would be like if it happened at 100km!
  2. First off, don't just buy a new chain, get a chain and sprocket set (front and back).

    The basic procedure is to take off the old front and back sprockets and connect the new chain up using a specialist tool (for link-less chains). There are some proper guides to doing this. Look in the NetRider articles and on the Net. The problem with your situation is that as the chain is now off, you will have real trouble undoing your front sprocket and you may even need to put the new chain on first just so that you can undo the little bugger (they just spin around otherwise).

    BTW, you're really lucky the chain didn't get caught in the front sprocket...that can be nasty.
  3. Bugger! Glad you're ok Jimi. Hope you get it fixed quickly :)
  4. Chain snapped?!! As in a break in a link or did you just lose the connecting link (curclipped on, not peened)?

    You might need a new chain/sprocket set if you done some miles (more than 500kms) on the cogs you currently have.
    If you don’t mind a circlipped link then you should be able to do it yourself if you have the tools. The countershaft sprocket (lil one) might only have circlip on it, or a M8/10 bolt with a bent ‘tab’ washer. It’s an Across is it?

    I think if you ride bikes long enough everyone becomes mechanically minded in the end…..
  5. The chain actually snapped in two places along the links. I have done a fair bit of riding since I got the bike (yes it is an Across) and was maintaining the chain (well thought I was). I will need a replacement chain as this one's a right off.
  6. Glad to hear you're OK Jimi!

    So many times when the chain could have given up on you and it happened when you could easily control it out. Thats good luck!

    I had my chain swapped out last week - its like riding a new bike

    :D :D :D
  7. Make sure you replace the sprockets as well.
    Get an O ring chain and if you are to do high knms on the bike make sure you carry a can of chain lube with you.
    If you have ridden more than 500 kms in one go it doesn't hurt to lube the chain.
  8. Hey Jimi,

    The across chain and sprokets is fairly easy to change, i even (with assistance) managed to change mine.
    In regards to price, I cant remember exactally, but i got the parts from BTX in ferntree gully. They have a chain that comes off a particular dirt bike (the chain comes on the new bikes, but is changed before they are sold, so no previous use) that fits the across (minus a couple of links, but that is easily fixed) and by getting this i saved quite a bit.
    Cant tell you the technical bits of how to do it (only done it once and as i said, i had help of an experienced across rider) but i suggest speaking with other across riders (Groberts and MartyH might be able to help you)
    The other good place to get advice on the across is the SuzukiAcross yahoo e-group and i believe there is a forum just for the across as well.

    Best of luck.

  9. I've heard a number of mechanics suggest that chain lube can be a double edged sword. On the one hand they lube the chain, and the other hand they can almost seem to attract dirt and dust which then wears the chain.

    The '03 Blade we bought from new has only just had it's chain and sprockets replaced at the 21,000 km mark, and the only lube that has been applied to the chain is when it's at the dealers for it's servicing every 6000 kms.

    That's about the same longevity we were getting from the chain and sprockets on the 92 CBR600 we used to have, and we used to lube it regularly.
  10. Lucky you were so slow at the time...
    New sprockets, new chain.
    X-ring (better than O-ring) DID VM520 (the Across runs a 520 AFAIK) on special at Brians/ BikeMart Ringwood $120, both sprockets (might need ordering) will push the total bill to just over the $200 mark.
    Clip-link is fine (if it's put on CAREFULLY).
  11. I may just take the bike to Performance bikes and Watercraft (I got it serviced there too). The only problem is I can't get it from Berwick to Moorabbin :(

    Sue - I will try that later today.
  12. Chain lube is awful stuff. It is designed to go on thin so that it penetrates the chain (you should always use it after a ride when your chain is still warm, to aid this process), before the solvent evaporates, leaving a sticky goo. The trouble is, this sticky goo then attracts dirt, which wears away your chain.

    If you're keeping the bike for a while, buy an automatic oiler. As this constantly lubes the chain as you ride, you can use thinner oil which not only penetrates the links better, but also helps to wash away all the muck and keep your chain as good as new. (Your chain will last several times longer and the wheels will be far, far easier to clean.)

    Fitting a new chain can be a pain without the right equipment. Always use a solid link (the circlips aren't as strong and can fly off), and yes, replace the sprockets at the same time. Ask around for somebody who has a chain splitter/ rivetter. It makes it far easier.
  13. thats hard luck jimi not good at all.

    buy a chain n sprocket set like novacoda suggested.

    Chains are a piece of piss to fit champ..

    Ill help ya if you get stuck fitting it
  14. Although it probably doesnt help....my current ride is a shaft drive. It is sooo great to not have to worry about chains and lubing them. Down side is shaft is more $$$ to replace but you do it much less frequently. Comparing both shaft and chain works out over time about the same $$. My bike is shaft and the rear behaves like a chain drive. Best of both worlds!!

    The only reason an "O" or "X" chain is lubed is to reduce wear on the sprockets from the chain. These types of chains have lube inside the links and is sealed by the "O" rings. Having badly worn sprockets will increase chain wearand vise versa. That is why many advocate changing both at the same time. For your chain to break in two places is a bit of a worry and without looking at it is hard to suggest why this may have been the case. Chains with circlip joining links you will find are rarely "O" link types and are more the traditional (outdated and cheaper) chain. In my min go for a quallity chain and sprockets. Having a chain let go as you mentioned "imagine going 100kms" can be a disaster. Chains generally lay out flat when they let go but they can also do such things and jam between the sprocket and swing arm for example. Locking up a rear wheel whilst traveling around say a corner isnt everyone dream ride.

    Most quality chains do require tools. As well as prehaps they was another cause for the chain failing that may require investigation. My suggestion would be to swallow things and take it to a shop. Many things you can do yourself, and others are best left to someone that knows what they are doing. If you are looking for a shop, I could probably suggest "phat out" in hallam. See Tony there and tell him Tony sent you and he should look after you. He carries imported top quality japanses chains that dont cost the earth.


  15. Tony one day you will own a real bike.
  16. Haha...like????
  17. I can help you fit the chain and sprokets... I'm in frankston... I could also help you with transport of the bike...
  18. Hi all,

    I know this is very very late notice. I have been working all weekend and have just arrived in Berwick at the girlfriends place. I have purchased a new set of sprockets and chain (X ring). I read the instructions Glen put up, but was confused after "After removing the rear wheel...."

    If there is anyone who could possibly help me tonight that would be great!!!!!! I would pay in either beer or spirits :D

    PM me if you are able to help for my number and address here. Also - I do not have a centrestand or anything, so you would have to BYO or prop it on something else. If no one can come tonight that's cool (I know it's short notice) I'll have to organise it for next week cos I am working in Werribee til then and won't be with the bike in Berwick.

    Thanks guys/girls.