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Chain slightly rusted - Ok or replacement needed?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Antiwarclan, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Hope all of you doing well.

    I'm riding a VL250. Just did a chain lub after 400k of running. Notice that some part of the chain got rusted and it seems like a surface rust as when I turn the wheel, it got no popping or kinking sound. Is it ok to leave it as it is or should i replace a new chain? My bike has almost 11K on the clock.

  2. old toothbrush and a bit of kero, and see how you go!
  3. Mate, do you use it often or has it been lying idle for months.........I'd be more concerned at the latter.......
    As said, give it a loving cleanup and you may find its as clean as a whistle...... a chain can show up some surface browning just from water drying on it if its a lil' undernourished with lube.......
    If after cleaning up its still looking a lil' tatty,you could always soak it in a bath of oil for a day or two..........

    Oh, and be a bit nicer/kinder with lube in the future eh.. :p
  4. Gotta say I have this issue too - coming from an old shaft drive bike and the fact I use my bike as a commuter I tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to showing the chain any real love.

    I have cleaned it a few times with a toothbrush and use chain lube and it looks fine for a day or two till it dries out and the rust appears again. It is really just on the outside of the chain but I'm sure is still having some negative impact. Is it worthwhile getting in there a bit more with some wet and dry or is this likely to lead to more probs. Also I've found that on other screw heads etc on the bike I have left some fish oil to penetrate and have been able to really just wipe away the rust. Would using fish oil damage the chain at all?
  5. if you had a shaftie, do you still have oil thatused for the shaft? use that on the chain instead of the spray, drip some oil on it once a week, let is soak then clean the excess, yes you will a bit messy but the chain will love it.
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  6. I ride everyday no matter rain or shine. Did chain lub yesterday with brush and kero and it seems like the rusted part is gone but I reckon it will come back once the oil dry up.

    Rogues - I have been very nice and kind to my bike cos my life is depend on her!
  7. what do you use for lube? If you use chain lube, maybe you need to try another brand, does it stick and stay for a while? Are you spraying it while the chain is still warm and letting it sit for a few hours to 'stick'?
    If you use cheapo stuff that it'll flick off sooner and well not be of much use.
  8. Goddie - I am using the Motul Chain Lube for Road bike. I did not warm the chain before lubing it and I have let it sit for few hrs before I ride again.
  9. mate, best to give it a spray as soon as you land back home.......enough heat in the chain from your ride, and its able to sit there and soak up the new stuff till next time ;)
  10. It'll be fine. I lube with 90w gear oil, one drop on each O-ring when you can visibly see they arent moist with oil. No problems with surface rust and I ride in all weather. You can wipe down the outside plates with a bit of oil (or spray them in chain lube) and you wont have anymore issues with surface rust. I bought a bike a while back that had sat for 6 years, nasty looking surface rust over half the chain - oil trick did the job. As long as the chain doesnt have tight spots and is within spec and structurally sound - no problem.
  11. Thanks for the advice! sprayed some chain lub onto the rusted part of the chain last weekend and realised that rusted area is gone. As far as i know, the bike is doing good. However, I have some concern to the gearbox tho. When I was shifting gears down, I felt like it was stucked (for example shifting from 3rd to 2nd or 2nd to 1st) and I have to let go the clutch lever and i can hear click sound from the gear box and things turn normal after than. Has anyone encountered that before? the bike is due to service soon so will have the mechanic to check on it.