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chain slack adjustment

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by NinjaKid, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Hi i got a ninja 250r, my Chain here definitely needs changing but a got a question, how do i adjust the slack and i got a problem with my wheel here the swingarm mark is way off for both sides how do i adjust it? Been lookin at youtube but no luck, so far the measure from the mark is left side 1.5 right side 1.4 inch need help... i will be bringing it to the workshop in the weekend but i gotta work on the weekdays... is it safe to ride it? Ive taken it through the block doing 70, fine

  2. Dont know anything of a Ninja 250 but would imagine it is a good idea to have back wheel sitting inline with the front wheel, ie marks on swingarm should be similar I would think, is a fairly basic adjustment to do yourself but may be difficult the first time, best to do chain slack adjustments yourself rather than get a mechanic to do cause it may stretch quickly during running in for a new chain plus good to keep in touch with your bike a bit, often you notice other little things that may need a bit of TLC. One good point is if you do yourself make sure you jack up back of bike & rotate rear wheel as usually there is always tight spots so you got to adjust minimum slack when the chain is on a tight spot, also good to lightly lube chain after every decent biggish ride whilst chain is warm but that's another story.
  3. Thanks for your reply, but how do you exactly adjust that mark do i need to remove the axle and everything, i gotta bring it to the workshop as theres no one to show me how to..., i just brought it to the shop 2 days ago they adjust it but i wanna know and now i screwed it up, they charge quite alot but hey i love my bike too much i guess :)
  4. Undo the axle, fiddle with the adjusters on the end of the swingarm till the slack is right and the alignment marks are right. If you make it too tight back off the adjusters and kick the wheel a few times.

    If the chain and sprockets are due for replacement anyway I think you'll get away with a couple of mms of misalignment.
  5. Yep the guy told me to change it cuz i can pull off the chain from the sprocket and it has several loose spot its a 300 dollar job but i can hear the chain hitting the guard when i ride is it supposed to be like that orr.? Im new to bike :p
    Anybosy happen to ride near penrith here?
  6. Sorry, I can not help you as I live over on the North Shore but you are right, the sooner you can learn how to do it yourself, the cheaper it will end up costing you & the more control you will have. After jacking up rear of bike safely, basically you just loosen the rear main axle nut & wind out the adjuster to tighten the chain to the manuals specs, it is good to stick a round bar in-between chain/sprocket & lightly turn back wheel so wheel gets pulled back towards adjusters properly, then main axle nut tightened up, then tighten up adjusting lock nuts if you have them. If you have no idea it is wisest to get someone to show you & if chain is pulling off sprocket then looks like it has had the Richard for sure. I check my chain every couple of biggish rides & lightly lube every decent ride, $300 sounds about right, make sure they look at whether rear sprocket needs replacing, maybe front also but not generally. There is no way you are going to be able to replace chain & sprockets yourself as that's a difficult job, mainly chain but definitely good to learn how to adjust, chain will need adjusting fairly soon after chain runs in from new, maybe the bike shop will let you watch them adjust chain, just a thought but probably not cause they want to have you dependant on them, that's life unfortunately, Lots of luck.

  7. This is a reasonable how-to video. Note that the axle bolt needs to be loosened off before you start, but don't take it right out. It just needs to be loose enough for the wheel to slide back and forward.
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  8. Fantastic video, specific for his bike, should help a lot.
  9. Hi thanks guys you are all very helpful, yeah I'll ask the guy to show me how to do it when i get the new sprocket done, thats a nice video right there actually tried it but i dont have a lock pin to lock the axle nut once i open it :)
  10. repco, supercheap, bunnings etc, you can buy them in blister packs

    the split pins can be reused a couple of times, just need to bash them straight
  11. Whatdoya call it? Split pins? But yea my chain here got several loose spot so its hard, i will definitely get it fix this week, btw i just did couple hundred k i notice my back tire got some small gravel engraved which caused the wheel to tear up abit is that fine?
  12. Not sure if this is helpful or not, but I'm in Penrith and heard that Western Motorcycles is doing a thing on Thursday nights at least once a month showing people how to do basic maintenance (from putting air in tyres to adjusting chain and all the levers/pedals). I attended in May and I think they would be willing to go through it in more detail if you feel better learning more hands on. Just throwing it out there :)
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  13. Hey i live in penrith too, we should ride together!! :) im still on my Ls though, you know anybody else that rides in Penrith?
  14. I'm still on my Ls too, at the end of my second year on them, heh. About to go for my Ps on Friday. I'd be happy to go for a ride after this week (all going well). This week I am just focusing on Ps practice in car parks and stuff. I don't really know many other riders in Penrith apart from another new learner rider I've started talking to (Krazy Kiwi).

    Edit: well I will (try to) go to Homebush on Tuesday or Thursday which is a ride down the M4 and then practice at Olympic Park if you (or anyone else) are interested in tagging along.

  15. A few scratches on the tread can be ignored. Only worry if you have lumps of tread missing. If you're still concerned post some pics and we can give you a better answer.
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  16. don't trust the marks on your swingarm. Do a string alignment and adjust the same amount from then on.

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  17. Good idea.
  18. Right imma have to ask the workshop guys to do it, btw my chain here got several loose spot, do ya think its best that i replace it? How do ya kno if its worn off
  19. Why not on the Saturday that way we can meet the gang at homebush, btw if youre willing to, lets ride along to homebush but im not confident enough in the motorway so imma be usin the A route