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Chain sizes??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by removed-6, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. What do the numbers represent on chain sizes? A 520 a 525 etc, what's the difference? What do I need to look for?

  2. Thats the width size of the chain,My zx9 came with a 525 ad when i was worn out replaced sprockets and chain with a 530 :grin:
  3. :?

    What does the 525 represent? Is there a measurement on the chain that equals 525 or 530? Or are the numbers purely a name with no actual relevance?
  4. The link kindly offered by Woodsy explains it :wink:
  5. If you read the link i posted it will all be explained!
  6. OK, this bit I get (I think), it explains what the 2nd and 3rd digits represent.
    But if the rest of it here below explains what the first digit represents then I must be reading a different language or something? Maybe I'm just too stoopid :?

  7. lets pick 520 one of the most common sizes

    the distance between the pins is 5/8ths of an inch
    0.400 is 0.4 of an inch width of the roller pins

    if you actually looked at the diagrams from that link you would understand this
  8. The 5 represents the amount of 1/8ths of an inch.

    5 = 5/8
    4 = 4/8 OR 1/2
    etc, etc.

    and you can not use "aproximatly" or 'about', chains and sprockets are designed to known engineering principles. This is engineering we deal in difinatives.
  9. Well If I understood it after looking at the link I wouldn't be asking would I? Hopefully it's because I'm really tired today, otherwise I'm just getting dumber?

    So lets take the 520 chain

    5 is the pitch in 1/8ths of an inch, cool, I get that. :)
    2 is ???? :?
    0 is for chain of the standard dimensions; 1 for lightweight chain; and 5 for rollerless bushing chain. Thats fine except whats a 428 chain then???? :?
  10. a pitch of 4/8ths (half inch) and a roller width of 2.8/8ths

  11. Slightly OT. Will some things never go decimal? Chains, tyres/wheels etc?
  12. prob not

    how about tyres

    width in mm
    diameter in inches
  13. Interesting isn't it? Rim sizes are still in inches too, there was a push in the 80's for metric rims bt it died (and left some car owners with very expensive tyres).
    You should have tried sailmaking, they had a sailmaker's foot, which was 10 inches to a foot!

    Regards, Andrew.