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Chain rotation

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by cotso, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Doe's anyone have a view on when cleaning your chain if you have taken it off about reversing the rotation eg: inside face to outside. just a thought.

  2. be a bigger biatch to get the circlip or master link on properly.
  3. Does anyone take their chain off for cleaning these days? Back pre-O-ring when you had to boil them in grease, yes, but now? Personally I wouldn't purposely reverse a chain. I suspect that the rapid wear as the sprocket teeth and rollers accommodate each other in their new orientation would negate any possible positive benefits, which would be marginal at best.
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  4. I've taken chains off every now and then, to fix flat tyre, replace components and never concerned myself about which way they've gone back on. It's been a completely random refit, and would include refitting inside out, and reversing the direction of rotation as possibilities. Never given it a thought really. I doubt it matters at all. Much less important than correct tension and lubrication and way less important than using the correct master link and the orientation of the retaining clip.
  5. when i had my zzr I always put the chain on the same way, some folks reckon if you dont it will wear the sprockets quicker but dont know how true that is
  6. I cant see it making a lot of difference unless the chain is stuffed and then it doesnt matter
  7. The rollers on a chain actually turn as they go around, so reversing won't do anything.
    Turning the sprockets around so they go in the opposite direction will, with disastrious results!!!
    Nearly all sprockets must go on ONE way only otherwise they will be mis-aligned causing rapid wear.

    If the chain or sprockets are showing signs of wear, replace them.
    Personally, I always recommend they be done as a set & don't waste your money on a cheap chain.
    I've known people who have & only got 6 months out of the chain!