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Chain Question

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by stigger, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I need a new chain for the POS what's the difference between a 525 and 525H???

  2. Educated guess:

    The H has thicker (ie Heavy duty) sideplates.

    That was always the difference between the standard and the heavy duty chain when I was a penniless oik anyway.
  3. sorry to hijack the thread....
    but i tried to adjust the chain on my VTR250 tonight and i noticed that as o rotated the back wheel while it was on the stand i noticed that the chain becomes tighter when the main link is on the back cog.
    Im sure that it is not supost to do this...
    last week I cleaned the chain with kero and it came up shmick! but i think that i may of opened a can of worms, or just noticed an underlying problem..

    Im considering changing the chain, I am assuming it is the stock chain(28+kms), do you think that i should get it changed...?
  4. If your chain is tighter is some sections that means its stretched and therefor cactus. You need a new chain and should check your sprockets as well.
  5. I checked the sprockets last week.. they look fine..
    but ill change em anyway if i can get em as well
    just called PS and they have the chain for $110
    i dont think that the sprockets will be that dear so ill change em anyway...

    Cheers Joel.
  6. "Generally" the front sprocket is quite cheap and wears quicker so I change it with the chain. The rear can cost more. Can be tricky identifying a worn sprocket. The teeth are narrower than on a new sprocket and the shape of the teeth can be "wrong". If not sure, compare to a new sprocket or ask someone. A worn sprocket can wreck a new chain alot quicker than a new sprocket.
  7. Cheers got a new chain with o-rings and changed both the sprockets..
    booked it in a 3:50pm this arvo at Geoff Taylors this arvo and they were done within 30min....
    I am now $300.00 poorer,, but safer at the same time ;)

    thanks guys!
  8. It's amazing the difference it makes using good chains & sprokets.
    Just replaced mine yesterday.
  9. That made me laugh, dude you need a new BIKE :LOL: