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Chain Problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by hally, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Hey all

    Ive got a 97 hornet 250 and ive noticed my new chain that was put on about 3000km's ago getting a little slack.

    Also twice now since having the new chain i have lost the holding clip off the joining link. The first time dicovered it was gone was by chance while washing the bike and i had no idea how long it had been missing :shock:
    This is really annoying cause i have to buy a new link every time just to get the clip. And i know for sure the clip was on all the way last time cause made absolutely sure it couldn't go any on any further.

    Any idea why this clip may keep comming off ](*,) and how easy are minor chain tension adjustments?

  2. mmm, did you replace the chain yourself, or did a mechanic do it? Either way, is it possible that you have the joining link on the wrong way round and the clip is being forced off by the rotation of the chain??

    Adjusting the chain yourself is easy; I THINK there's a 'sticky' about it in this very forum (or if there isn't, there ought to be!).
  3. As Paul Mentioned, ensure the clip is on the correct way, ie: the open end should be facing REARWARD if the clip is on the TOP of the chain run, and it should be facing FORWARD if on the BOTTOM of the chain run.

    To ensure it doesn't happen again, clean the lnk area thoroughly underneath where the clip will sit, then lightly smear some silastic on the face of that link, then install the clip the correct way, once silastic goes off, the clip shouldn't come off again
  4. Hmmm, yeah the chain was replaced as one of the many things done when i had the bike serviced at peter stevens on elizabeth st in melb. So you would think they would do it properly, but i seem to have had nothing but trouble since that service.

    The bike is due for a major service and a new rear tyre ASAP so i think i will have to try and find a reliable place here in sydney that can do a good job and a good price on tryes.

    2 questions left
    - What shop would sell parts so i could get another clip
    - Anyone know a good shop with mechanics who know what they are doing in syd???

    Thanks for the help
  5. See Brendan or Mark at Sydney Performance Motorcycles 4 Toorak Ave Taren point, nice guys, best tyre prices in Sydney, and Brendan has factory Honda experience.

    In Your area, see Mick at Castle Hill Motorcycles.
  6. Sweet thanks heaps for that.
    It is really hard to find a mechanic that does a good job.

    If manage to get to either of these shops who should i say recomended their service?

    I just checked my chain again, and from the outline left by chain lube it appears that the clip was open end facing front wheel on the bottom of the chain run. When the last one came off i just replaced the next one in the way the first one was, so perhaps a little fixative is required this time around.

    Thanks again
  7. You have to be the luckiest guy around. When a clip comes off a master link you are only a very short step away from a chain flinging off and destrying the crankcases or causing other serious damage.

    I don't believe a clip can come off if it is installed correctly. You have an O-ring chain? Did you use pliers to squeeze the side plates together to compress the O-rings which should have been fitted on the master link?

    Are you certain that the clip was sliding in the 2 small groves cut in the end of the centre pins on the master link? Did it click into place at the end? You could not have done this without squeezing the side plates together...

    They are so hard to get off when fitted correctly (always try to push them off when you think you have them on right) that I am sure they must have been incorrectly fitted on both occasions. Unless you are using incredibly cheap and nasty chinese master links.


    Trevor G

    PS It is always possible that both clips were stretched open too far because they were being fitted over the whole pin, rather than on the grooves. It's hard to imagine that happening twice, tho.
  8. Thanks for the input trev,

    So tweet I went to see Mick at castle hill motorcycles, really great helpfull guy. Gave me a clip for nothing and ive booked my bike in there for a full service and a new rear tyre. Michellin road pilot 2 i think i decided on, might get a new front to match his overall price for the job was so good!

    Anywho he recons that another factor that flings these clips off is chain and sprocket alignment. Which i think is possibly the case, and the saga of the absolutly SH*% house service from peter stevens in melb continues :furious:

    So i got home and with some selastic this time made sure the bloody thing wont come off again!

    Oh and when talking about tyre wear he mention a guy who rides a black bird pretty hard.......that wouldn't of been you tweet by any chance would it??

    Thanks for all the help guys

  9. I've started painting the clip link with a couple of blobs of white-out to make it easy to identify on both sides. From there, it's easy enough to give it a quick check every now and then.
  10. No but that was my mate Mustard, he is also a visitor here occasinally.
    Mad as a cut snake!
  11. The selastic i used was red so thats made it easy to find. The mechanic i spoke to said they dont even bother with the link and clips anymore he said they just put the rivet ones in then you dont have to worry about it.

    Just quickly on another note loz i read your review of the buell XB9S, Great read very funny, and ive been trying so hard to decide what im gona upgrade to from my 250, i can ride the wheels off the thing and ive test ridden my mates GSXR600 05' model and was just not impressed with the power.

    I sort of feel like i should take a tentative step and go for the CBR600RR because i like the supersports and a 900cc might just be too big of a step. But i just love the look and sound of the Buell and the fact that its a rebel bike and just simply awesome!

    What are your thoughts??