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Chain Pain

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by say_wat, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. I decided I'd give my chain a little clean because it was the weekend and I had a few minutes but mainly because I've never cleaned the 250's chain. Although I lube it regularly I don't take the best care of it or its chain. To compound the issue, its the same chain as when I bought the motorcycle, and I dont know how well the previous owner took care of the chain.

    Upon taking it off and giving it a thorough clean (caked on dirt and lube), this is what I found:
    :eek: :eek:

    Since I ride the 250 as if she were my ex's hot younger sister, I can imagine I put a lot of strain on the chain and therefore inspect it here and there to make sure there are no life threatening issues with it. Unfortunately this crack was on the inside of the chain, which is the conveniently neglected side.
    To make things worse, when I was taking the chain off, I noticed that my front sprocket nut had come loose too! The bent washer wasn't as bent any more and the nut was around 4 spins away from popping off. :shock:

    Hope this serves as a reminder to you folks about visually inspecting the IN side area of the chain as well as paying attention to the outside. While at it, pop the front sprocket cover off and make sure everything is nice and secure in there. Shouldn't take more than 15 minutes, and could save your life and/or wallet.

    That section of the chain is the only portion that is rusted, and both my front and rear sprockets are in A1 condition so I'm at a loss as to why this happened, any ideas would be good to take into account. Does battery acid cause rust?

    I hear that a standard chain is better than an o-ring, as long as you lube it regularly (o-rings apparently get dust and debris lodged in the rings causing higher friction and more damage, and on top of that require regular lubricating as well). With the lack of the markedly superior x-ring chains of 428 pitch, I was thinking of getting a standard chain, or should I stick with an O-ring?
  2. very nice timing and find dude... i found out my chain was about to fail as i heard a terrible crunching noise as the chain was destroying the sprocket cover in the middle of no where...

    sorry no advice on the types of chain i'm noob in that area too...
  3. For the chain of the 250 I used a 520 O-ring chain.

    Where did you hear that O-ring traps dust? It's suppose to keep dust out in the first place.
  4. If you are prepared to clean and lube your chain every week and you want to save a few dollars then get a non o-ring chain.
    Either way I suspect you will need two new sprockets or you will quickly destroy the new chain.
  5. Woah, lucky it gave you some warning brownyy - could've ended badly. You've got to keep an eye on the chain they're too close to our legs and spin too fast for comfort.

    Sweeris, google found me this:

  6. Depends. On a motocross bike thats mostly true. They commonly need a pressure wash and one blast of the pressure washer on an o ring chain and you have filled the sealed joint with water. In any case they tend to be far shoter lived than road bike chains. On a road bike though it would be OK if you never ride in rain. Either way you are looking at regular lubing (every 500k or so for the o ring versus almost every ride for the unsealed one).

    I would get a "sealed" ring chain, doesnt need to be top of the line, in fact I've never got any extra life from the best/ dearest XYZ whatever chain over a plain x chain. Having said that I believe an X ring is inherently better at sealing over a reasonable life than an o ring but since I've not used the latter have no experience to fall back on. Can also highly recommend an automated oiler such as the Scottoiler if you do high K's. I get double the chain life with one.
  7. For you, I am undecided whether you need an O ring or regular chain... With your chain maintenance track record (ie none!) an O ring will last longer, but in a months time when it wears out it will be more expensive... :p

    Find a good X ring chain & look after it.
  8. New sprockets at the same time too.