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Chain pain

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Guest, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. Recently my chain has started making strange noises, it sounds as if i is grinding or not sitting on the drive sprocket correctly, but its lubed well and the tention is correct.
    A mate even noticed the sound when riding behind me.
    Ive had it serviced recently and they didnt say anything (mind you they didnt even bother to talk about the bike to me at all, and no im not going back). I cant think what it would be.

    Any ideas, THANKS.

  2. Sounds a bit dodge, maybe go for a shaft drive instead?

    It could be out of alignment after the service, have a look at the aliment indicators and see if they match-up.

    Also have a feel of the rear sprocket, are the teeth sharp? And do they seem straight or worn to an angle?
  3. lol I have seen recently a rider on a ZX6r with such badly warn out front sproket the chain was skipping!!

    I hope it was not you... but have a look at the front sproket...
  4. mmm, sounds like a sprocket or alignment problem.

    Also be aware that, vene if a chain has been lubed correctly it can sometimes develop tight spots that will cause it to make a strange noise as well.

    Put the bike up on the stand and examine the chain as you turn the rear wheel around. If it's got a tight spot, the chain will tighten up and then loosen again.
  5. Haven't been doing monos, have we??? Chains get a pounding under such conditions. Have to say it DOES sound like a 'tight spot', though.....
    (mmmm, that reminds me, I was in a real tight spot once, back in India, old boy.......)
  6. Hmm considering i live in Perth i dont think i would be in Melbourne doing wheelies.

    And the comment about India, you sure you didnt mean young instead of old. Haha, yeh i do have a sick mind.

    But thanks all for the advice.
  7. I didn't mention Melbourne, but if you or others had been doing monos on the bike, this could have stressed the chain. Also, since, (I suspect) the Ninja is new to you, someone might have been posing on it before you bought it).
    Showing my age with the India comment, sorry about that. "old boy" used to be the standard greeting among English gentlemen in the colonial days, I wasn't calling you an old boy, because obviously you are not!!