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Chain oil

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by canuck, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. How much is too much?
    I am a noob and put chain oil on for the first time. When I took her out for a ride I could smell something when I stopped, I looked down and could see chain oil all over my back rim and tire as well and the exhaust and swing arm. OBVIOUSLY I put too much oil on but how much are you supposed to put on and how often? Also how tight should your chain be and how do you check it.

  2. What chain lube are you using?
    The quality lubes tend not to fling as badly as the cheap crappy ones (like Castrol). Personally I like Silkolene gel for the simple reason it sprays on white so you can see exactly how much is on there - and where it is.
    As for the chain tension this can differ between bikes but roughly there should only be about a 1-2cm deflection in the chain at its saggiest point when you push up on it. Be sure though to rotate the rear wheel and recheck along several parts of the chain to make sure one section isn't tighter/looser than the rest (if it is then the chain is rooted).
  3. You may find the liquid oils shoot everywhere worse that a honey mooner on his night.

    You want to use a spray on chain oil which behaves similar to normal spray paint. It sprays on then 'dries' out to form a thick (but thin film) jelly. Very resistant to water and fling-off. Visit your local shop ...and you don't need the very be$t unle$$ you do trackday$.
  4. Or you want your chain to last, I learned the hard way how quickly the Castrol shit destroys a chain. The difference in price between the ultra-cheap chain oils (which are useless) and the premium quality chain waxes/gels isn't that great - and if the lube actually stays stuck to the chain you're going to use a lot less.
    Ask your local bikeshop what they recommend - or search these forums for one of the many threads on "which chain lube".
  5. if you are struggling with basic maintenance there is a course coming up
    http://www.madbiker.com.au/maintenance courses.htm
    he does chain maintenance amongst other things. if he knows you have problems he might use your bike to demonstrate
    think it costs around $40. did it a while back and its good value
  6. Or try one of the NR Spanner nights - they're free ;).
  7. Thanks for the tips, I was using castrol chain oil, probably didnt help that I didnt clean my chain either before spraying it. Newbie mistakes! I have cleaned my chain now and am using silkolene, not a problem since.
  8. I got 55k out of my last chain using Castrol chain oil.All i did was clean the chain in kero,wipe off excess then go for a short ride to warm up the chain.
    Sprayed the chain oil lightly on the inside run while turning the back wheel slowly by HAND.
    [never with engine running & in gear]
    Did this every 500klms or after riding in the rain.

  9. What bike you riding? Good advice though, on average every 500km or after rainy periods is good measure. Your performance chains are already lubed inside and keep the lube inside with 'O', 'Z' or "X' rings. the outside should get a clean to get ride of dust and sand. I use a wax that doesn't attract dust, but doesn't fling either. I have a race/ paddock stand, so I spray on when in gear and can hear when the lube has done its effect. The chain gets quiet very quickly, so I know I have enough lube on. Then I use a cloth and wipe off (engine off!!!). 1min job!

    Invest in a stand, it'll last you for ever!