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Chain Oil

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ramee, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. Guys just wanting to get an opinion on the best chain oil to use for my bike.

    Whats the best oil on the market which isn't to messy as well.

  2. the one i use is called chain wax(95% sure thats the name) gold and black can. super tacky and nice and thick so providing you put it on hot and let it settle you dont get any splatter.
  3. I use the Motul chain spray - altho someone mentioned about cleaning the chain with a solvent b4 lubing -- which I completely forgot... plus I lubed it while it was cold.... ohh well... hope it doesn't effect anything too much...
  4. dont stress about it damaging anything all the heat does is make it runny and run around all the chain then as it drys and cools down it bonds to the chain, next time you get home from a ride give your chain a lube again. you should give the chain a wipe with a rag to get all the excess crap off but you dont need to go overboard cleaning it.
  5. What bike have you got?
  6. I use the Mobil Synthetic stuff. I was warned off the waxes by my mechanic - they're good at keeping the chain "clean", but not very good at lubing it.
  7. Motul is the best I've found. Belray's quite good too but harder to clean off.

    Stay the hell away from Catrol and Shell chain lubes. They're both abosolute rubbish. :)
  8. I use Motul Factory Line.

    Adds up to 1hp on some bikes!!1! :shock:
  9. I use PJ1 blue label.

    Put the bike on a stand so the wheel spins freely.
    Degrease and wipe down immeadiatly.
    Go and do some other s@#t on the girl.
    Spin the back wheel and hold spray on one side on the links for one revolution and the other side for the other revolution (2 in total) an WIPE DOWN IMMEADIATLY.

    Whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

    No fling with this method and great life from the chain.
    The chain is always "clean" looking and not gunked up.
    It is the grit left (if you don't degrease first) that f@#ks your chain!
    I do this as often as possible as you can't lube enough.
  10. I just slop on heavy duty, high presure, general purpose greese, does a fine job at fraction the price.
  11. I use some honda red-can thingy bought when I needed some in a hurry interstate. Fantastic stuff, can't remember the full name, just Honda and the can is small and reddish in colour. minimal fling and quite water-resistant.
  12. I thought you would pick u alot of sand etc

    Chain maintenance is all about keeping the O rings conditioned and the metal from rusting.

    I have heard about people using CRC with good results.

    Tryed some spray on stuffs but have gone back to 90W oil or chain lube oil, any mess it makes on the rims comes of easy price is good, chain has stayed much cleaner too as I guess when I wipe on and wipe off it cleans it too.

    In my opinion these other chain lubes are overpriced snake oil

    Whatever percieved chain/sprocket cost savings mirace lube makes will be voided by your snake oil costs
  13. Actualy, the stuff is quite wet in composition and it actualy flings off any dirt, even after 500kms the chain is still moist and very clean.
  14. I just brought a new chain and sprocket so the waxy substance is still on there.

    I brought Silkolene tatanium chain gel (in a can), any one use this product?

    when i sprayed it on it leaves my chain white and it's suppost to brighten the colour of the chain (mine is gold and silver).

    i think i need to clean the chain first, should I? or should i just leave it as the chain still has the waxy substance on it? (been about three weeks)
  15. Thanks for the response guys..

    I ended up going with the motul spray, also recommended highly by the bike shop...

    By the way the bike is a 99' Yamaha R6..
  16. LOL :LOL: and cant you just feel the power.

    Seriously though i lube it up after filling up and clean the chain with Kero every second fill, works well and keeps the chain nice and clean :wink:
  17. CRC is a penetrant and degreaser. End result is that it will penetrate past the o-ring seals and remove the lubricant. This leaves the chain FUBAR in a relatively short time. :)
  18. is it possible to use white lithium grease on the chain? or is this no no?
  19. hmm, I think they use that for low presure uses, ie, car door hinges etc, its best to use a high presure, water resistant greese.
  20. ah ok.. thanks for clearing that up.. !