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chain oil / scared witless ! ! ! [no longer ; ) ]

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by etcher, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. I have the same problem as Canuck in the Chain Oil topic and have learned HEAPS from the replies!

    I used "Shell Advance" spray lubrucant on the chain being VERY careful not to oversray onto the rear tyre. Same as Canuck, i now find that the lube has flicked off all over the swing arm, rim and the rear tyre.

    I have tried to wipe it from the tyre, but (DUH!) this stuff STICKS!

    Please excuse my nubie riding experience here, but i'm now scared SH*TLESS of low siding next time i throw my bike into a left turn . . .

    Am i just being paranoid? is there something i can do to clean the tyre? Any advice is much appreciated!

  2. You're using way too much if it's throwing off a lot.

    The cheap ($2) de-greaser takes it off instantly.

    Use less lube each time until it hardly throws any off the chain, tiny
    bit off oil goes a long way.

    Also make sure you lube the chain after a ride while it warm, helps the lube penetrate.

    Waiting for the off topic jokes, just realized I used lube and penetrate in the same sentence....... :LOL:
  3. Any lube on the tyre is not a good thing and should be avoided/cleaned off. However, realistically, unless there really is a lot of it (ie a continuous coating anywhere on the tread) you probably won't notice any handling issues.
  4. I'm currently using the Shell product and dont have an issue with fling off except for the occasional dollop. Its a fair bet you're using way to much.
    I clean up with Kero.
  5. Thanks heaps for the replies, gents.

    Have now removed the grease from the tyre (and everywhere else for that matter) and yes, i used WAY too much! There was A LOT of grease on the tyre but no longer need to panic about "slip sliding away." So thanks again! :grin:

    Hope there wasn't too much flack re "lube" & "penetration" ! ! ! :LOL:
  6. Don't know why, but I got heaps of fling from the Shell chain lube spray. I must have been using too much?
  7. Bel-ray, amongst others, are anti-fling off. Try that.
  8. I use chain wax sparingly. Try cutting out a piece of cardboard to fit inbetween the cain and your rear wheel .. works a treat.
    Remove any oil from the tyre with a rag soaked with thinners.
  9. ^ the cardboard thing is what i use as well.

    OP, the oil puddles you roll over when you come to traffic lights will be more of a concern than a thin film of oil on the edge of the tread. Of course, unless you are dragging pegs, the oil film should evaporate or just get absorb into the tyre quite soonish. Its the puddles you have to be wary of, but i wouldn't loose sleep over it. Just try to avoid the centre lane parts at lights and all should be good. And, if you are spraying on so much that you have dripping when slowing rolling the wheel (with the bike on a track stand?) then reduce the dose.

    Don't stress too much, just avoid sticking you foot into the oil puddles when your bike is in the wheel channel at lights.
  10. There's your problem right there. That stuff is thick and shitty, gets dirty fast and more trouble than it's worth.

    Use a light spray of Motul instead and you'll have no worries. :)
  11. I beg to differ mate.
    It may depend on the riding environment but I clean my Shell lubed chains twice per year (2 bikes) and dirt isn't a problem for my chains.

    I did a chain adjustment on the Bandit last night. The first one in 6,000km :shock: and about the fourth one in 12,000km for the chain. Shell Adv suites me.[​IMG]
  12. You shouldn't use Shell Advance, it's for advanced riders only.

    Get a can of Shell NOOB, it's far better, just drips very slowly out of the can, like it's 95% hydrofluoro carbons so all you get it 95% air and 5% oil so you can't over oil your chain.

    Then there's Shell Showin'OFF, that's 100% hydroflurocarbons and NO oil, so you just spray it on as much as you want and get NO oil anywhere, the bike stays perfectly clean.

    The medium is ok, that'll be Shell Kellogs, not too oily, not to dry, it's just right!.
  13. I was told you should check and clean/lube your chain(as necesary) every 500k's to keep it in the best possible condition as general bike mainenance.
    I don't use the Shell anymore because I found it too thick and picked up way too much crap, and had to be cleaned way too frequently.
  14. I find it better to apply lube after a run when the chain is hot as it helps the lube to stick and dry resulting in very little fling on your swing arm ,rims & tyres.
  15. Slipry grip.

    I know for a fact that in go kart racing some guys were deliberatly spraying WD40 on to their slick racing tyres, then wiping off the exess a few minutes later! According to the investigation the WD40 has something in it that causes some type of reaction in the rubber which makes it actually stickier! Who would have thought using a distilate based lubricant on your tyres would make then stickier. Of course the practice is now banned.
  16. I've adjusted my current chain 3 times in 30,000km. Plenty of life left in it and the sprockets. :)

    Cleaning when needed I believe is far more important that the type of lube used. However, thick gooey lubes do seem pick up more crud, thus requiring more frequent cleaning in order to get the chain life. Shell will do the job it's intended for, but I can't see the point if it means cleaning my chain every 200km to avoid more regular replacements. :)
  17. you must spray lube on the inside of chain noob .thats where its needed. thats how you do it . less fling from the outside . :roll: