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Chain master link

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by stigger, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Probably a dumb question. But I need to replace the master link on mg chain and it's just dawned on me do I need to lube it or is the lube that's on it enough? If not grease or oil???

  2. OK pulled the old one off, well pulled the clip off and it fell apart. Now the new one I have doesn't fit though the holes in the chain, do they have different sized pins? It's a no name chain, and a RK master link any ideas???
  3. Yes, always get the same brand as they can have different pins sizes.

    Take your old one to a bike shop & they should be able to sell you the right one.

    No chance of reusing your old one?
  4. Thought as much, cant use the old one it fell apart when I took it out...

  5. If your master link is that bad, what's the rest of the chain like?
  6. Strangely enough it's ok, not great but ok still. It's still just about in tolerance and got just one slightly stiffer link...
  7. In other words the beginning of the end. Do your life a favor and replace the lot.

    If you get onto them early (provided bike doesnt get hammered and/or large capacity bike - in which case you shouldnt use a slip link pin chain) rear sprocket can probably be reused but replace the front.
  8. If I had the cash I would have bought one, but as it is theres still some k's in it...
  9. Might be false economy, since a worn chain will expedite sprocket wear.
  10. yep but no cash == no new chain...
  11. You know when you're wrong, you're wrong...

  12. Is that your chain? What happened?
  13. It was worn The master link broke I replaced it. I was told that once they start looking stuffed they are... and it was...

    got a month out of it though. New one goes on tomorrow...

    How it happened was that I dropped the clutch outside me house and instead of stalling it just rev'd when I got off chain was laing on floor behind me...
  14. You're very lucky.

    I have two rvf400 motors that have been damaged by chain breaking.
    (not by me, thankfully)
    One motor has only broken outer casing and screw holes on the main casing, but the other motor has a bent gearbox drive shaft.

    Obviously when the chain broke it jamed up between the sprocket and the casing. (very expensive)

    Also, I bought a new chain recently, the chain seemed ok, but the clip/spring link of the joining link seemed very soft, bent easily and had very little spring in it.
    I threw it away..used another one of another make that happen to be a perfect fit.