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chain Maintenace/ sorry can't find any links.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by fishfinger, May 20, 2006.

  1. Hi all ,
    Can anyone advise where to find link for chain cleaning, ie types of cleaning liquids what to use to clean. I would assume there is one here as all manner of worshop maintenace advice is available., But I CAN'T FIND IT< HELP ME> PLZ

    Thanks guys and gals

  2. Use kerosene...
  3. Topic Heading: "Chain maintenance. Can't find any links."

    Pun intended??
  4. OK so you caught me out on the pun, but I did need help,

  5. Use kero to clean with a paintbrush. But just sort of slosh it on, dont brush much or you will push dirt inside the orings.

    The idea when applying lube is to get it on the black rubber orings between the links, thats the most important place.

    Lube when chain is warm after a ride, it sticks better.

    NEVER EVER lube with bike running and wheel spinning, I know its very tempting. But you will end up with fingers missing (or whole arm).

    I currently like some Bel-ray stuff (I think thats it) clear, very tacky, little fling off, but gets on your hands when applying and is all sticky.

    Tried the chain wax stuff. Excelent to apply, zero fling off, smells nice. But that chain only lasted 20,000 km. Could have been other factors but I dont think I will use it again.

    Tried the Shell stuff. Does a good job of lubing. Flings off like crazy, gets very dirty and hard to wash off. Wont use it again.
  6. I'm having brilliant results with a Loobman. Chain's never been in such beautiful condition, always clean and always oiled.

    Swingarm, however, has never looked so ugly :)
  7. I use CRC/RP7 spray it on wipe it off with rag, then use motul chain lube.
  8. While people have comments on their favorite chain lube, have any of you had problems with a particular brand or type of lube?
  9. Like I said the Shell one was awfull in its dirtyness and fling off.
    And I have doubts about the performance of the wax ones, better than none, but not as good as oily stuff (based on one can only)
  10. Can you use the same stuff that you might use on a chain saw?
  11. Isnt that just thin oil?
    You would have to re-apply it after 30min of riding.

    You can use oil with one of those loobman dripper things, but otherwise proper lube stays on there longer.
  12. No cant use bar oil it is high viscosity tack oil gets thrown off in use and it is pumped from the chain saw onto the bar to prolong the life of the bar

    Do a search for a scott chain oiler the best on bike solution for chain lube and prolonging the life of a chain