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Chain Lubricants and cleaning

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Wanderer, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. I use the Castrol chain oil (spray) and find I get a bit of fling off on the rear rim and around the guard, and when I have ridden hard get a bit of leakage on the ground overnight (2-3 drops). I have some questions on cleaning the chain and also about chain wax(?) I have head about. Firstly, what is the best way to clean the chain: WD-40 or kero, and will this bugger my rims if I get it on them? Also, what is better, spray or wax, and if wax, what is this?

  2. in the past i've used diesel to clean my chain is works quite well.

    i have the worlds dirtyest bike tho so you may want to see what others use...
  3. Jason,

    Thanks for that - but is the wax stuff really a wax? Haven't seen it and am curious.

  4. They 'wax' lube's contain pariffin, hence their category. It's highly debateable as to whether an oil based lub or wax/parrafin based lube is the best. Pure theory would say the oil based lube is better, but with the additional chemicals and stuff added to the lube's, it's definantly personal preference.
  5. Jason,

    Thanks - think I will stick with the spray. Is it normal to get a couple of drops on the ground overnight the night after lubing? Or am I putting too much on?

  6. The wax based lube's are generally spray on too ;) A few drops is fine, just remember that the chain needs heating immediately after application of the lube - 5 minute ride or rotation on centre/race stand. I have some old carpet down on my garage floor for this very reason :)
  7. Ahhhhh - I am guessing mine is not wax based. But what I was forgetting was to heat the chain after applying.

  8. Actually your chain should be warm before you lube....else you go for a ride and just fling it all off...