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Chain lubing and adjustment

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Saz, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. OK, so i'm onto my second chain at 20000km on my gs500 and am therefore paranoid about whether im cleaning it properly :?:

    Had a look on the web and found various opinions.

    Current method is
    1) warm up bike with short ride
    2) pop and centre-stand and clean chain with kero and rag
    3) have beer :D
    4) get over-zealous (I think) with chain lube (a shell product)
    5) ride bike whenever (same day, next day....)

    Concerning adjustment read somewhere that you need to get someone to sit on the bike before checking slack (this does have an effect) BUT says nothing of this in repair manual/user guide??

    Any advise would be great :wink:
  2. I think everyone has their own preferred "methods".
    Personally, I lube every 400 km's (or thereabouts... pretty much every second time I have to fill up, or when I get home from that ride).
    I clean the chain about every 1000 km's.
    Adjustment should be done when it's needed - you should check your chain before every ride. :wink:
    With a bit of experience you can adjust the chain without someone sitting on it - then check it again WITH someone sitting on it. The added weight aparently puts more tension on the chain, so if it's over tightened without weight, it will be extremely tight with weight. :)
  3. For chain adjustment, see this article for some thoughts. Like Kez, lubing should be about every 2nd tank full of petrol and a good clean approx every 1,000-1,500 km (which if your like me equals approx. every wash). I use kero and a fingernail brush for the cleaning.
  4. My current (aka the lazy) method is:

    1) warm up bike with short ride
    2) Struggle to get in on the paddock stand
    3) Dream about having a beer
    4) Apply the 'product' (cardboard under the chain is a good idea)
    5) ride bike whenever (same day, next day....) and then give it a wash to get rid of all the lube splatter (while paying particular attention not to wash off the stupid lube you just put on)

    I never clean the chain because I can't be bothered and it doesn't seem to mind much.

    If you do decide to clean-it then you have to be careful you don't remove the lube from inside (modern chains are packed with lube by the manufacturer) so avoid steam-cleaning and don't use any solvents on it.
  5. I always warm it up with a ride first (what's all this 10 minute ride rubbish boys!! only way to warm it properly is to take it through the twisties!!), struggle to get it on the race stand (funny sight to see, I can promise you!!!), apply Belray no fling lube while holding a piece of paper or similar behind the chain so I don't get white all over the tyre and wheel, then wait at least 20 minutes before riding again. I try to do this at least every 400-500ks, but I'm a bit forgetful/lazy/tired/its too dark when I get home, so sometimes longer. I never used to clean my chain, but I did last week (at my horrified cousin's insistence!) and it looked great!

    As for adjusting the chain, I haven't adjusted it myself with the Duke...I just smile sweetly at the mechanics every now and then and they check and adjust for me!!!! I used to do the zzr250 and cbr600, but never had someone sitting on it. I always spun the wheel a few times to find where the tight/loose spots were and adjusted accordingly.

    :D :D :D
  6. i have a question on this topic...

    whever i clean my chain, i always take it off completely and clean it in a tub of kero and water...

    but one of my mates said you should avoid taking the chain off and should try to slacken the chain and then clean it while its still on the bike.

    which method?

  7. All this talk on warming the chain up, race stands etc etc .

    One simple answer ............ Scottoiler :LOL: :p :LOL:
  8. Does that have anything to do with substituting beer with scotch??? Sounds kind of similar scottoiler-scotch. :?: :twisted:
  9. Even simpler answer

    Shaft Drive ;))