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Chain Lubes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by FOB, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Chain Lube

    Anybody out there have any comments or experience with "Bel-Ray" or "Tac2" or "Lanotec" Chain lubes - Feedback would be appreciated
  2. From what I have heard around people have a tendancy to buy Bel Ray or Motul.

    I use Motul and have never had a problem.
  3. yer, i use the white bel-ray stuff, works a treat. nice and easy to tell when you need to re-lube and i dont think you could possibly get it to fling off if tried.
  4. Been using the white bel ray stuff for a while now....doesnt fling off and is easy to clean off....picked up a can of castrol chain lube that I have yet to try and since my can of bel ray is about to run out, I might give the castrol stuff a go....unless anyone has any opinions on it....
  5. O-Ring chains do not require chain lube.

    They require cleaning to remove dirt so as not to contaminate the rubber seals and then CRC or equivalent to provide the drying and sealing agent.

    Thats it. Keep em clean and treat em mean.
  6. are you insane skuff my boy? :p , of course they need lubing, the o rings keep the lube in for longer than a standard chain but they dont hold lube forever

    you need to CLEAN the chain (people always forget that bit) and re lube on a regular basis (make sure the chain is warm when lubing) the chain will last a hell of a lot longer than just cleaning will.
  7. Hmmmm, interesting point... I have never lubed though and never had problems... THis includes the MX and Enduro and SM I compeeted in ...

    Oh well, maybe I will start
  8. and how often were the chains replaced? every couple of races maybe?

    if you want 30,000kms out of a chain then clean and lube it and it will last the distance
  9. lube attracts dirt, so it defeats the purpose to lube the chain on a dirt bike.

    Wlth a road bike it is different in that regard, but i have my doubts as to how long spray lube stays where it is doing any good.

    wherever there is metal on metal it dissapears almost immediately, except for where it is visible and doing nothing except looking well maintained.
  10. Heavy gear oil applied with a brush is the best chain lube around, but you have to be prepared to leave it drip-off overnight. This is primarily what the race teams use, with just a little extra lubing as the bike leaves teh garage before racing or sits on the starting grid. Next comes the chain lube's in a can. These need to sit on your hot/warm chain for at least 20 mins so that the solvents in the can evoporate and leave the thicker polymer lubricant on the chain.

    Heat and metal-metal wear is the killer for modern chains. If the running temp of a chain exceeds ~70 degree's then the lubricant within the chain, held in by the {o|x}-rings, starts to thin and possible seep out past the rings. Once this occurs, it's a quick and fast-track to a rooted chain. The lube you apply to the chain has the polymer lubricants that coat the metal chain and sprockets, to minimise the wearing of both. Without any lube, both chain and sprockets will wear quickly. Without regular cleaning of the chain, the grit within dirt just absorbs your lubricant and your left with no polymer lubricant coating the metal, and hence excessive wear.

    The upshot? Keep the chain and sprockets with little dirt, the chain regularly lubricated (allowing 20mins for the solvents to evaporate), and keep the chain well adjusted so as not to increase operating temperature. This will maximise chain life. Finally, you do much worse damage (excess wear) with an over tightened chain than you do with an under tightened chain - if in doubt, err on the side of caution and give it a little more slack.
  11. In the past I've tried a few chain lubes..including the cheaper stuff like Shell (pink goo) which was pretty flingable and fun to clean off. Bel ray is what I've been using for a while and find it darned good :)
  12. Aral Ketten Spray is what I have always used.

    35,000km on the babyblade, traded with original chain and sprockets.

    20,000km on the ZX6R, sold with original chain and sprockets.

    26,000km on the SP1, sold with original chain and sprockets.

    It's not rocket science, I cleaned my chains with kero and a paint brush, hosed off and lube applied.
    Short ride to heat chain up, park the bike on the race stand and lube again with Aral.

    Only warning about the ketten spray, keep that shit off your fingers, it's a bastard to get off :)

    A friends ZX6R has done <20K and the chain and sprockets are roo-ted, he's always used the Shell stuff. Maybe coincidence, maybe not. *shrug*
  13. I can vouch for the Aral Ketten Spray as well. 24 thousand kay on the VTR using that exclusivley, and I have only had to slightly adjust thechain once. Still has the recommended 20-25 mm slack as well. No fling off either.

    I have used the belray stuff before, but spent most of my time removing it from my rear wheel
  14. just finished using a can of that Belray stuff, no fling off what so ever doubt you could get it to, but i'll be going back to the Motul Lube.
  15. I've been trying Chain Guard clear synthetic. It's pretty damn good, after cleaning down my chain to sparkle clean, put on the clear chain lube, and it looks fantastic. And I find it alot easier to see the oil working in the o-rings (it looks shiny). But I also notice I have to relube twice as often (every 300km). It flings off, if you put too much. But its clear, so just a wipe (where it spits onto) with kerosene after a ride and then its fine.
  16. Motul is the best i hear.
  17. I'm using the Shell Advanced formula anyone got any thoughts?

  18. How many types of Bellray Lubes are there?
    I'm using one and that is definitely flingable.
    I got it all over the chain guard and under the fenders.

    Maybe I'm applying it wrong and/or too much and/or cos I rode it after I put it on.

    I liked the Motul or one of the Motul ones as it was clear and didn't make the chain look ugly. Chose to use the Belray cos I was told that it was a better product for lubing.
  19. Motul dries like a sticky glue, it is bloody sticky, and dirt, small rocks etc all stick to it. And cleaning it off, even with Kero is a pain in the arse.

    I use Silkolene Gel, fling isn't too bad, and it lasts between applications for a while. Goes on easy and cleans off easy too.
  20. This is interesting, not sure what we've been using but it flings everywhere :mad:

    I don't know when to re-lube, I just assume if you ride everyday you should re-lube every week - is this correct?
    With the white bel-ray stuff how can you tell it needs to be reapplied?