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Chain lube: which one to use?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by russ, Oct 1, 2004.

  1. hi folks me again,

    looking at my now jet-black-formerly-silver back wheel :? made me wonder what chain lube you guys were using/recommend.

    I've been told that under no circumstances am I to use anything but a teflon based lube, so I'm using some Motorex "racing" chainlube. on Average I spray the chain every 300-350km its the stuff that sprays on white (the black on the wheel came from the bodgey lube the nice Suzuki dealership whacked on for my 1000km service)


  2. me?
    Castrol chain lube
    goes on translucent when you spray it on ..always AFTER THE RIDE
    when chain is still warm and it goes soft silver when it dries
    virtually no splatter
    safe on Xring and O ring chains ....
    (Gawd, I sound like an advert for the stuff)

  3. I use Motul all the time.

    Use a rag with a bit of Kero to clean the rims.
  4. It`s important to clean the chain as well, kero and a rag as well, turn the wheel by hand, DONT have the engine running.
    I have a scottoiler, it`s very good.
  5. i swear by the bel-ray white stuff. will not fling off even if you lube it and ride straight away, and you can easily tell when you need to re-lube cos the white goes away. tho i recommend you always let it sit for 15 minutes because it wond get through the chain properly otherwise.

    just go for anything that doesn't fling off and always make sure you warm the chain first, otherwise your doing nothing but painting the outside :wink:
  6. I think I may get a scottoiler. ive heard only good reports about them and warming the chain up before spray waxing is very annoying IMHO. how often do u have to clean the chain with a scottoiler?
  7. bel-ray white stuff
  8. I used to use the Bel-Ray, but found at times it was difficult to find a dealer stocking it. I 've tried a few others since then but not been as happy, so I think I'll go back and just stock up each time I find some.

    :D :D :D
  9. Belray chain lube?
    usually stocked at Brighton Kwaka(they keep a lot of the Belray product)
    I use Belray fork oil..bought there
    I am in there tomorrow morning..will check
  10. Hey I tried this, rag gets caught in the chain, finger gets caught in rag then rag then wraps around the rear sprocket equals goodbye finger...oh well at least they managed to sew it back on again :oops:
  11. motul factory line, stays on the chain and stuff all fly off
  12. ARAL Kettenspray.
  13. hey lil
    Brighton Kwaka had 4 cans of the stuff this morning (upstairs in Spares)
    and can get more ...
    Brighton Kwaka...811 Neapean Hwy Brighton east, opposite Dendy Park
    if you want some, i would get yourself down there

  14. Race Replica Kawasaki in Brooklyn is where i get it....

    Bel-Ray - Stay Kleen
  15. Thanks ismith!

    Stupid me hadn't even thought about there as I never go out that way. I actually know one of the guys who works there too....duh :oops: :oops:

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. lil if u ever need me to get some i'm only round the corner and i can bring it to u on coffe nite :)

    I use the belray "Super clean" cain lube its o ring safe :)
  17. I clean mine after every big ride, eg 200/300kms, my bike has white wheels so even the tiniest bit of fling shows.
    At constant high speeds, ie 100kph or above chain gets hot and fling is inevitable, regardless of which lube you use.
    The advantage of the Scottoiler is the oil is not as thick so it is not as hard to get off.
  18. Hi There,

    A guy at my work has been using the chain lube that is used on the machines at work.

    He's been using it on a 250cc bike and he's finding the chain will stay wet for 2-3 months, this is with normal and highway riding.

    Apprently this stuff keeps the machines chains wet for 6+ months.

    It's an orange can and I can't remember the name of the stuff but I could find out if anyone is interested in knowing the name to try it out.

    The guy was using motorbike chain lube but he tells everyone to use this other stuff as 1 spray can would easily last over a year.
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  19. Welcome to the forum Zagan I'd like to know the name of it please!
  20. I'm with daveh on this one. I have been running a scotoiler for three years now and never had a problem with it, just fill and check every four hundred or so k's. As dave said the oil still flings off but the way i see it this also keeps the dirt and dust off the chain as well therefore not creating abrasives and additional wear on your chain keeping it cooler in the process. Cleans up with warm soapy water also.