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Chain lube on a sports bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Kurtis_Strange, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. Do you guys lube your chain on a regular basis, or just get it done with the 6000k service?

    I've noticed theres some surface rust on mine and it looks pretty dry...
  2. I lube mine every 500ks ish and always after washing/rain. Definately dont wait 6000ks :)
  3. Kurt if it's sat at a dealership or unridden for a while, get the chain warm by riding it for a few minutes and then give it a squirt of lube, on the outside of the chain as it goes round the rear sprocket, but more importantly, on the INSIDE of the chain as it enters the rear sprocket on the lower run. Don't forget that lubing the chain also lubes both sprockets (and, if you use too much, the wheel, your trousers, the garage wall, and the car if it's parked in the vacinity!)
  4. Also with the Motul chain lube i use i like to apply it then spin the wheel a few times to lube everythin then if possible let it settle a good few hours if not over night. Its really sticky shit and if you go fangin it staright away youll flick the stuff everywhere... Worst bloody thing about bikes i reckon :evil:
  5. ok I'll pick some up and get it done then
  6. If you don't want it flinging off the chain I highly recomend the Belray super clean chain lube. If you follow the instructions (involves a 20min set) you always get zero fling off, and it spays on white so you can easily see when you've got a good coverage. :D
  7. Ditto . I get in the habit of doing after every ride :D .
  8. i use the Motul and after doing the chain went for a ride within 5 minutes, most of what i put on the chain ended up on the back wheel i could not believe how sticky it was..had to use a lot of degreaser to get it off :?
  9. Shockin aint it... Luckily the Motul Chain clean works so well :LOL: What a coincidence ay :evil: .... Bloody thieves...

    But yeah it does get everywhere and its so sticky that even leaves and shit get stuck to your wheels. Definately makes a big difference to let it settle a while though... think ill be goin back to the maxim or whatever stuff i was usin before...
  10. Seriously though why not buy a Scottoiler - they are fabulous - we have them fitted to both of ours. No more balancing bike on one wheel and spraying, or walking bike forward and the fling from the Scottoiler is a lot less nuisance to remove than chain lube gunk. Also saves wear on sprockets and the chains don't seem to need adjusting very often at all and you get far longer life out of both chain and sprockets.
  11. 748girl ,you recomend the Scottoiler highly, does anybodyelse recommend this system.??
    Iam thinking of investing in this?
    are they easy to fit??
  12. I remember,........but it's all over now........*Sits smugly back and reflects on his nice clean zero maintenance shaft drive*
  13. In general, I do the same. The chain lube lives in the meterbox in the car port, so when I get home, I lube the chain while it's still warm.
  14. Well I don't lube the Diversion 900 at all *smug look*

    The Moto Guzzi has a semi exposed shaft and the shaft needs occasional lubing *I can live with that look*

    The Kawasaki ZRX1200R is a pain... remind me why I bought another chain drive bike will you please?
  15. I can recommend the Scottoiler too. Had it for at least two years. Very handy for touring. :D
  16. It was very easy to fit, I just watched, I love watching other people work and my husband did both of ours! Have just asked him and he said No, pretty easy just follow instructions. The really good thing about them is that when you go touring and you are all packed up ready to go there is always that niggling feeling "what have I forgotten" and then you get to the first overnight stop and go "where's the chain lube?" Answer in the shelving unit at home with the other bike cleaning stuff! This way you are always prepared!
  17. Best lube for a chain is teflon-based...but you can't actually buy it over here yet :(
  18. ok what exactly is a 'scottolier'???
  19. hmmm dunno, it might look a bit naff on the sports bike? Does anyone else use this on theirs?

    I'll probably go the motul lube