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Chain loose - 350km new bike?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by CaffeineMonster, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. Hi,
    I just checked my chain and it can touch the swing arm at its centre point. Bike is a week old and only done 350km so far. Am a complete noob to bikes and not very mechanical, pretty much tool-less so need help / advice!

    I am assuming though that this is incorrect. The owners manual states it should be 46-48 mm from swing arm. Owners manual doesn't say how to adjust chain tension and says get chain adjusted by Ducati dealer (and yes I am drinking a coffee while I write this).

    Could this be an issue to deal with under warranty? Should I take to dealer to rectify or other?
  2. I'm not familiar with your model, so will let others chime in. But IMO, if you are going to ride a chain drive motorbike - even a Ducati, you need to know how to adjust and maintain the chain.
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  3. I know that and am planning to learn to do so, hence I checked it - need get some appropriate tools for doing so and cleaning. Never done it before so seeking help with issue.

    I thought though at only 350km on new bike would have little more time to get what I needed. Also, seems is very short distance for it to have become that loose.
  4. The chain will tension up (tighten) when you sit on the bike, so 'weightless' isn't really a true indication. Sit on it and have a friend check the play - see how much difference there is from current.

    Also the chain gives (stretches) the most from new as it's under tension (i.e drive/acceleration). I wouldn't stress it too much currently as looser is better than tighter. At least you're aware of it to monitor it. When's your first service?? Get it done then perhaps?

    Try to find a tutorial or youtube of your bike or one with a similar rear axle setup for future reference.
  5. Thx for feedback - first service required at 1000km, so not too far.

    As am a noob, I mainly want make sure is safe to ride and won't cause damage.

    Additionally, while I plan to learn to be able to these things myself - I haven't yet done so and therefore want to learn to do things correctly. When checked tension, noted that it is grimy already and could do with a clean (opinion based on my limited experience of course)
  6. That does sound a little strange for a new bike.

    I recently replaced the chain and sprockets on my ninja. I know it's different to yours obviously, but I'm guessing the concept is similar. My chain was very loose and would touch the swing arm pushing it up, ran out of 'play' with how much I could push the rear wheel back in the swingarm....so a new chain was the order of the day.

    We can suss this out on Sunday too mate.....weather permitting.
  7. Cheers,
    Shall give dealer a call, query them for peace of mind
  8. The 696 - should be the same as yours.

  9. Also remember to measure the slack of the chain at the tightest point. As in, spin the wheel around until the slack is at its minimum......that is the tightest point.
  10. Thx guys - am probably just being a worrybot. I'll need a swing arm stand to spin wheel for measuring yes?

    Was checking while resting on stand - bugger all room in garage to move her around at moment to check in other positions. Maybe fine if do as you suggest.
  11. Feel free to pop around my place to use the stand and tools to check it over.

    I'm not close to where you live, but the offer is there regardless.
  12. I need get stand etc... anyway and learn how to do, good excuse go back to moto shop tomorrow do some more shopping. May give you a bell for tips as needed. Thx
  13. I don't know it it's still true, but in days of old, Ducatis (among some others) had a large and uncommon size nut on the rear axle and tool shops would delight in charging you an enormous sum for the right size tool. But something you do need to own.
    If the chain is that loose it may have been poor pre-purchase setup. You are entitled to ask the seller to check and adjust IMO, but learn how for the next time.
  14. Anyone know where is good place to buy a swing arm stand in Brissy? Also, are they generic (i.e. one size fits all)?
  15. www.kaneg.com.au
  16. Thx, was hoping to get one from a shop though so I could buy other superfluous riding stuff. Will order if can't find shop stocking one
  17. some bikes spec chain slack to be measured when on the side stand.
  18. My manual actually says that, but first says turn wheel to find where its at its most tautest. Guess they want put it on stand, take it off, etc...
  19. Doesn't say anything about making an adjustment while on paddock stand or side stand though. Actually doesn't explain anything very well to be honest. Always says get Ducati dealer to do blah blah blah
  20. roll it forward...