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Chain Issue

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by GurnardSam, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. Have an issue with my chain.
    Bike: '13 cbr 250rad

    The minimum play is 25mm according to honda.
    Bike into neutral, on the side stand (like honda say it needs to be)
    I check the play. 25mm in one spot.
    I rotate the wheel a little. 45mm play.
    rotate the wheel more, 25mm play
    rotate again, 35-40 mm play.

    I measured from the swing-arm pivot point to the middle of the rear axle bolt to ensure both are the exact same length - the wheel is true.
    the wheel is not buckled.

    The bike is NEW and only has 600km's on the clock, and the chain has been lubed the whole time.

    Take it back to Peter Stevens?
    (this is the general consensus I've got from the few I've asked)
    or is it abnormally normal?

    (I have done the test with the bike cold and hot, doesn't change it)
  2. Doesn't sound right. What you describe sounds like a worn chain which shouldn't be the case after 10 000km let alone 600km... unless you've been lubing it with sand
  3. Doesn't sound good. I'd take it to PS and see what they say. Its probably been sitting on the bike with no lube for a while and developed stiff spots. I don't think chains are covered under warranty but stuffed after 600k!
  4. +1, or lubed with WD40. Sounds like it could be a few frozen links but either way 600k's it should be like new. How have you been cleaning the chain?
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    Last edited: Sep 22, 2013

    I've cleaned it once (only had the bike for 2 weeks) and then lubed it with Motal chain lube (road)..

    I had a feel for stiff links and couldn't find any + the bike wasn't on the floor, had to be assembled and sent out..

    also the bike hasn't been ridden above 7000 rpm (and then has only gone above 5000 while accelerating onto the freeway) generally sticking between 3 and 4 k rpm ..hasn't been ridden hard as still breaking in..chain is fairly well lubed..
  6. Sorry, I meant what did you clean it with?
  7. Does the chain sit in the sprockets correctly e.g. doesn't jump or anything?
  8. Make sure the rear sprocket is mounted properly on the carrier. Measure the distance from a spot on the swingarm to the sprocket at each mounting bolt. It should be identical at every point.

    Don't be suckered in by the "OMG! You had a can of WD40 in the shed when you cleaned the chain it's RUINED!!" rubbish. It's been used by thousands of people for years on chains, and while other things are much better it will NOT destroy your chain in a few hundred Ks.
  9. Sprockets and everything is fine. Teeth are fine. Everything is aligned and measured ..I cleaned it with a cloth since it wasn't dirt or grimy or anything, just wiped off some excess after I washed the bike (didn't wash the chain or sprockets) and added some lube..

    Sprocket is mounted correctly..same distances..teeth are not showing signs of wear
  10. I have checked everything, googled it for hours, searched YouTube..trying everything..checked sususpension..everything..
    Take it to peter Stevens and get them to check it?
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  11. Most chains end up with tight spots eventually ... but that fast isn't normal. Go have a talk with the dealer and politely but firmly express your concerns. You don't want to get them off side, but coming across as a push-over isn't good either.
  12. Yes.
  13. After you rotate the wheel to the next point do you jiggle the chain up and down firmly before you measure the play?

  14. yeah I didn't then I did and it makes no difference, I tried moving it up and down (jiggle) with a little force to see if any links seemed stiff and doesn't change it..
    (I couldn't feel any 'stiff' link)
  15. Keep us updated, I'm interested to see what the fault is.
  16. problem with PS might be getting past the guys on the desk. at the least get them to demonstrate how to adjust the chain. they can be good with new riders.
  17. Peter Stevens said possibly a tight spot or weak point in chain and if it gets worse to bring back asap to replace the chain
  18. I think the replacement should happen sooner rather than later. Snapping a chain under power is bad, mmmmkay.
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  19. most bike shops will charge $10 or so to adjust a chain and nothing to look at it. if PS stuff you around get someone else to look at it. there are several good places in the eastern suburbs. where are you? I'd get it looked at asap.