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Chain help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ksystemz, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. when i ride its feels like my chain is rubbing against something, not to sure how loose the chain is though i do have a service on friday and they should fix this.

    Would it be safe to ride my bike till then

  2. That'll be the chain rubbing on the left foot peg guard.

    don't worry about it.
  3. oh thanks, will the bike peoplpe fix that coz it onlys started happening
  4. Ok i find this quite strange that this guy is not sure how loose the chain is,how does he ride his bike when he cant see ???.Sorry bud but you should learn about your bikes simple care.I could understand it coming from a newbie but as you have a r6 in your profile im presuming your not.
  5. +1 Mal

    Learn to adjust your chain, there's no excuse.
  6. i pay people to do that 4 me , its simplier.
  7. Simpler to take your bike to a shop, leave it there for a day or two and go pick it up than to spend 5 minutes with a pair of spanners? Let alone the money...

    Dude, really.

    Get to understand your machine. It pays off. Chain tensioning isn't rocket science. Nothing to be afraid of.
  8. i think i need to go to a spanner day! last one i went to i dont we picked up a spanner at all.
  9. :-k That suggests to me that you're leaving chain lubing to the mechanic as well...

    :idea: :!: Ksystemz, leaving your mechanic to lube the bike's chain only at recommended bike service intervals is a recipe for chain stretch and wear. You'll be up for at least a chain replacement about every second service...

    If you still don't want to do your own lubing, but want to avoid $300-$400 (assuming sprockets too) extra every second service, can I suggest you drop your bike off every 600 or so kilometres for a chain clean and lube job. :-k
  10. yer i clean and lube my chain every weekend. easy job
  11. Its harder to clean and lube it than to adjust the slack, Really.
  12. I reckon it's time for somebody to put up an EOI thread for a regular/semi regular spanner night in Sydney. Give Trevor G a nudge, he knows his stuff and might be convinced to turn up with a toolbox. The Melbourne ones we've been running have been great.
  13. sounds great, stupid because i worked at aikens motorcycle word and only learned how to clean a bike professional lol
  14. So you must be really blind if ya cant see how loose it is when ya clean it :p
  15. :shock: :shock: :shock:
    touch-free cleaning
  16. Nudge AND a wink I think.

    Sinny is twice as far as melly.

    But I could do it one day, if there aren't any good sinny siders able to help out.

    Thanks for the ref, Loz ;-)


    Trevor G
  17. LoL cut the poor kid sum slack!

    I got an R6 as well mate If you wanna learn the fundamentals of bike care id be happy to lend a helping hand.

    PM me if you need help. :)
  18. O RLY?

    I had it in my hed you were a sinneysider. Whereabouts DO you live?