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chain fallen off, need a bit of help!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by quantocks, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. i was riding to work this morning, luckily got just around the corner and my chain either fell off or snapped. It was pretty loose, so I don't know if I can just slip it back on this afternoon or if it's nackered. I have no tools or nothing on me either, so I think it's stuck here.

    anyone know who can supply a chain around North Ryde/Macquarie Park/Lane Cove? :(

    at the moment the bike is kind of stuck here, I can leave it at work in the car park which is secure, or would it be possible to try and slip the chain on and move it forward slowly and would it go back on if even just to ride it to a repair shop slowly?
  2. If it was REALLY loose it could slip off. If thats the case slip it back on and ride carefully and slowly. See if you can borrow some shifters and tighten up the chain.

    If it snapped off you should know because its, well, snapped.
  3. yeah I hadn't any time to check it out, upon further inspection it was very loose and has just slipped off. I'll try and gently slip it on this afternoon after work and see if I can get it to a shop to get a new chain tomorrow morning.
  4. Did it just get loose all of a sudden?

    All it might need it just some tightening of the chain.
  5. What's your chain maintenance like?

    If a chain is at the end of its life, it will keep "stretching" - which is not really stretch but internal wear that no amount of lubing will halt. The chain is too far gone.

    If your chain is loose enough to be able to fall off, you have a seriously dangerous situation. Imagine what could happen if the chain fell off and siezed your rear wheel?? ...or suddenly siezed in the front sprocket area!

    Anyway, that didn't happen.

    Slip the chain back on, but TAKE UP THE SLACK by adjusting the rear wheel. If you can still lift links up off the sprockets, then your chain is gone.

    Ride slowly and gently and organise to get a replacement - sprockets too - ASAP.
  6. i think the guy I bought the bike had no idea about chain maintenance and it was pretty gone when I got it, I'll see if I can slip it on and ride it to a shop in the morning very slowly. Are chains universal or will they need to order in the chain specially?

    I had oiled it only last week, but definitely needs replacing, so I'll see if I can get it done tomorrow!
  7. You'll need a chain that suits your bike. If the chain's gone, you can expect the sprockets to be worn - if not too worn you could get away with just the chain, but common wisdom says that that chain will wear faster.

    You can expect a new chain and sprockets to cost about $300 fitted.
  8. just took me about an hour to move it into the garage at work, I slipped the chain back on but as i pushed it forward about 10m it fell off at the back again, so i'm guessing it's off at the front. I couldn't get to it without undoing a whole lot of stuff, so I had to wheel the whole thing backwards into the garage here.

    I don't know what I'll do now, I somehow have to get it from here to a shop tomorrow to get it fixed. what a day!
  9. down here in vic we can join the RACV roadside assistance and they would send a truck. I think you have something similar in NSW?
  10. ah cheers, yeah I called NRMA but they want $142 for membership, 55 dollar admin charge.

    I might stick with the 80 dollar tow for now, if I can't find anything better, its only 5km's up the road :(
  11. but it does cover you for more than one tow. its handy insurance for flat tyres etc.

    ps $142 a year is expensive. basic care is $80 a year down here.
  12. I'm happy to help on wednesday ;)
    I'll be in north ryde wed-thu.
  13. where r u located, im in giffnock ave