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Chain cleaning with water restrictions

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by captainmorgan, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. In Melbourne we now have stage 3 water restrictions.
    I'm wanting to know how people are currently cleaning their chains without being able to blast it with the hose?

  2. I use the high pressure system hose at one of the recycled water car wash places, but if that doesnt take ya fancy I saw in the bike shop the other day a spray on chain cleaner which once dry just brushes off, got told they are a pretty good product for this day and age of water restrictions.
  3. just go to a Car wash

    they also have a degreaser (button)

    only cost $2 to degrease and wash of

    take a rag to dry the chain
    and your lube with you

    i use the one on Burwood Hwy (FTG road Corner)
    beside Red Rooster ( Burwood Hwy entry)
    Mainly to wash my Car
  4. I wash my bike at the car wash, just take it easy till the wax gets scrubbed off the tyres.
  5. I've never used water to clean the chain - just kero, a toothbrush and some rag.
  6. DON'T CLEAN YOUR CHAIN WITH A PRESSURE HOSE!!! You will force water past the O-rings. This will put water on the chain's friction surfaces (the pins and the link bushes) and destroy it. Kerosene on a rag, as above, is best: the kero will clean but not destroy chain oil (it just dilutes it).

    Regarding stage three- you can use commercial car washes because these places recycle their water and are supposedly audited. Otherwise you can use a bucket and sponge, which should be quite enough unless you own a Gold Wing.
  7. Only for windows (not applicable on bikes), lights and mirrors. Not allowed to bucket and sponge the rest unless you are spot cleaning corrosive substances.

    I think using water on the chain is ok (personal jstification only) because it comes under the banner of mechanical maintainence rather than cleaning. A filthy chain can become a hazard over time. :)
  8. Has anyone else noticed no mention of having to clean the rego plates so we can all get away with driving/riding with dirt covered rego plates :LOL:
  9. The title should read "bike cleaning with water restrictions"

    How do you clean the bike if you can't use hose, bucket and sponge etc.
    Not very comfortable with the high pressure spray gun at the car wash place on a bike.
  10. Yep, this is why I haven't cleaned my rego plates in years (does look kinda suspicious though since the rest of my car/bike is clean :LOL:).

    Microfibre mitt works well for fairings/tank/screen/etc. - the rest of the bike you'll either need to do at a carwash or else leave dirty.
  11. I use kero and a brush too. I used to give it a squirt with the hose aftwards though. Can't to than now.
  12. Kero and a rag for the chain.

    This stuff:


    for the bodywork.

    Mr Sheen for the swingarm and rear wheel, to get rid of excess chain lube.
  13. Do these restrictions actually apply to bikes?

    edit: looks like the restrictions apply to "vehicles" so I guess they do.
    mind you, what if your seat is dirty - is it the equivalent to the inside of a car?
  14. Try not to use water to clean your chain, it's needlessly damaging. Like most others have suggested, kerosene and a rag is best.

    You don't wash out your engine sump with soapy water, do you? :wink:
  15. These restrictions make little sense for bikes. I can wash my bike with 9 litres of water.

    According to the rules, I can use water to clean wheels and tyres, but not use the remaining water (of course I'd wash bodywork 1st) to clean the bodywork.
  16. Simply pop a bucket under your hot tap every time you turn it on whilst waiting for the hot water to come through. Doesn't take long to get plenty nuff water to clean your bike -not that you would ever tell by looking at any of my bikes :LOL: :LOL: WD40 on a rag does a marvelous job of cleaning chains, sprockets & removing excess chain lube
  17. pressure wash is not good for the chain or any part of the bike for that matter. As well as damaging seals it can force the dirt into crevaces that you wont be able to clean out.
  18. WTF you blasting the chain with water for? Water wont do ya chain any good. :shock: :roll:

    Clean it the right way using a toothbrush, kero & a rag dude.
  19. yea i also use kero with a rag but what is interesting though the manual says clean with kero but to blast with compressed air before lubrication. never try this though as dont have a compressor.
  20. get yourself a belt drive, keeps your back wheel clean too. :grin: :grin:

    but i do miss the whirr of a chain.... mechanical noise is cool.