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Chain cleaning excercise

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by parko, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    Well for the first time today, I got down and cleaned my bike chain, along with an adjustment to bring the chain slack in to the 25 to 35 mm region... Anyway, lots of scrubbing with a tooth brush and kero and after about an hour I got myself a clean chain :grin: Gave the rear sprocket a good scrub and took off the front sprocket guard and checked it out as well...

    Anyway here is my question..

    during the cleaning process I managed to get kero on the rear tyre, will it harm the tyre? I hope not, I simply gave the tyre a wipe down afterward with a rag...

    Also, on taking off the front sprocket guard, I cleaned out what appeared to be an excessive amount of lube build up that had settled on the bottom of the sprocket housing... but now that I think about it... is that stuff ment to be there? There was a fair amount and it, and towards the bottom of the build up it was mixed with dirt. I assumed it was just lube that had been thrown from the chain and built up over the kays the bike had been used (24000 now). It was fairly sticky and I had to scrape it out with a flathead screwdriver!

    Any help appreciated!
  2. The kero won't hurt your tire. Just hose it off when you hose off the chain and it'll be fine.

    The build up of lube in the front sproket housing is normal and the reason why you should clean it regularly. If you had to scrape it out with a screw driver, it obviously hadn't been cleaned for a very long time. In future, you'll find all you need to do is brush on some kero and hose off. If you clean the chain often enough, it will also be an easier job. Cleaning the chain takes me 10mins cause I do it regularly. :)

    I trust you also took off the chain gaurd and cleaned all the crap from the underside of that as well. :)
  3. I just did a 10k service on my bike and did the same thing with the front sprocket cover, (previously done at 5k) heaps of gunge had to be cleaned out, it's only excess chain lube, thats why if you know anyone who owns a shaft drive they cringe at the idea of maintaining a chain ever again, messy like a good session with your favorite woman....
  4. Opps, didn't do that! Will work on it today!!! :grin:
  5. Ooh preventative maintainance, spose i should get around to it one day
  6. hey.. I am new to owning my own motorcycle too and I was wondering if you would ,if your an old hand at the basics?. I wana know when/how I am meant to do this sort of stuff to my bike also. I am a non mechanically minded person so I am lookin to get my basic checks/maintenance up to speed. I have had had my bike for 3 months now and I havent cleaned the chain or anything like that coz I am afraid of taking things apart that I wont be able to attach again.. plus I am a man of no tools. hehe. I know. I hate D.I.Y.. so yeah. hope to hear from ya ..
  7. Hey haggisladdie,

    Sorry, having a bit of trouble trying to figure out exactly what you're asking for?

    I'm new to bikes and all myself as well, but have been a try hard DIY man since I was knee high (not that I'm very good, I've left countless "broken" projects in my wake!)... Anyway, with regards to chain maintenance and stuff, I just read up on this site! Check out this topic as a start...


    With regards to how often, from what I've read on this site (sorry can't find the topic though!) and elsewhere, a clean every 2000 to 3000 kays or so, a lube every 200 to 300 kays.

    I also adjusted the chain slack as it was at about 55mm. Hopfully tomorrow when I ride into work my rear wheel wont fall off!!! :p


  8. Whew! I made it in to work this morning with out the rear wheel falling off! :grin:
  9. well i clean the front sprocket when i change my oil. The bike gets clean weekly and the chain and sproket montly.
  10. I don't think you are supposed to use any solvents (kero etc) on an o-ring chain! If it gets inside the o-ring, it will break down any lub you put on afterwards. I clean around my chain, but never actually worry about cleaning the chain itself!
  11. Mineral solvents such as kero or turps are ok for cleaning chains (at least according to the info that comes with EK and DID chains) and is relatively safe for us (unlike petrol, etc). Citrus based cleaners may not be as they are a little more aggresive (they will disolve things that kero wont).

    It is inevitable that some will get onto the tyre so dont ride until it has been washed off (you will need soap - kero and water do not mix) or wipe the excess off and let the rest evaporate.

    Ive never seen any evidence of kero getting past an "O"ring ( nor chain lube) but have seen plenty of examples where water has been forced past using high pressure water sprays (even a garden hose can if a nozzle is used) so just throw a bucket of water over the chain area for safety.
  12. I use kero to clean the chain about every 2 to 3 weeks (about every 1000km) which is about when the bike gets a good wash. Lube the chain about once a week or every tank of fuel (which ever is sooner), or if it starts to go shinny die to wet weather, dust or dirt.
  13. in my Hayabusa owners manual it says that the o-ring chain should be cleaned with kero
  14. What about the kero?

    Do you just wipe the kero off or wash it off?
    other than that this sounds easy and im gonna do it very soon.
  15. Re: What about the kero?

    Personally I just soak a rag in kero and rub at the chain until it looks clean. Alternatively you can 'paint' the chain with kero and then rub it off - same effect really. Just washing it off probably won't get it really clean though, you might need some elbow grease. :)
  16. Just remember to leave the engine off and manually move the back wheel to move the chain around... helps to keep fingers on hands...

    Methinks I been watching much youtube... :grin:
  17. o-ring chains are bad news; when i got my new(ish) bike, the first thing i did was give the chain a mighty old heave-ho out the shed door and replaced it with normal chain.

    i usually keep two chains; one on the bike, one hung up ... the one on the bike gets taken off every 5-10,000 clicks and boiled in oil, and the other takes its place. when its done boiling i hang it up and let the excess drain off until those 5-10k rack up again.

    Ive had chains last years doing that, but you cant do it with o-ring chains. but then, maybe im paranoid of anything remotely modern
  18. Man you blokes...............

    Kero on tyre, wash it off, the two dont mix............sheesh, how have you managed to get through life so far?

    I just did my chain today. Stiff brush and kero, scrub, scrub, scrub, hose off with water, jump straight on the bike, take it for a spin to warm the chain up, back home, up on the tommy jack, lube chain, parked it, went to bed.

    There is miles and miles of this black stuff that cleans kero off your tyres quickly, its called, bitumen.

    Seriously unless you spray 5 litres of kero all over the chain and tyre or soak the tyre in kero overnight, its not really an issue.

  19. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Exactly! (Well put though Vic, it's all in the delivery)
    The same as getting the slime from a new tyre off/Scrubbing it in... just ride it...
  20. I just use a spray-on chain cleaner. It works a treat. I had my "uncles" commenting on it when I got their help in tightening it.