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Chain circlip - fell off

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by NWRAP, May 31, 2009.

  1. I have a DID 520 chain and noticed today during the regular chain clean and lube that the locking circlip is missing, not sure how long its been gone.

    Would any circlip suitable for chains be ok to replace the missing one?

    Or am I up for a new chain 3 months after I got this new one?

    If the circlip can be replaced are they readily available at most motorbike stores?


  2. Circlips are available. You can also buy a rivet chain link as well. With the right tools you can do the latter yourself. Rivet links are about $12.
  3. Noticed mine was gone last week too, I just bought a new link for about 14 bucks (I don't care if thats cheap or not, cheap insurance for me) and yea, first tried push the original master link out/pull the front plate off, it didnt move, so that was some good news, if the clip fit and held on properly, i'd just use that, sure enough it did, and for now it seems clip did the job, still keen on a new chain though, mines a little stretched!
  4. Make sure when you DO replace the clip that the closed end is facing towards the front of the bike on the TOP run of the chain; the fact that your existing link went missing may mean that IT wasn't (or wasn't properly installed in the first place, of course).
  5. thank you all very much :)
  6. Hi,
    I always apply a small amount of white silicone sealant over the spring clip as a precaution. That way there's less chance of the spring clip going M.I.A.

  7. Good tip! will remember that one. :applause:
  8. Yeah, do the silicone thing, all of yez. Don't use a little, use plenty. It is cheap.
  9. Just buy the tool and rivet the bl00dy thing. They're not expensive. Not compared to how badly you could f#ck yourself up when a clip lets go.
  10. peen type

    it simple don't use the clip, use the joiner that you need to peen over, it scared me when I found my clip missing and wondered what could have happened if the link came loose, so now i always use the peen link type